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A good birching then a week in the stocks would sort them out.

Failing that 5 years would be about right. Mob rule cannot be allowed to continue.
Judging by the weight of the statue, I'm guessing they'd already had their Weetabix.
Always thought Brexit was about getting our Country back, now it seems like it's being Taken over, or given away.
A prosecution would limit their travels to some countries, especially USA. That should deter more fools.
There’s always ‘honour ‘ among thieves or in this case, vandals , I doubt anyone will volunteer information
‘ birching and a week in the stocks ‘ . Let’s go find some stocks !!!
Question Author
maybe not the people that were there bobbi, but others who recognise them from the mugshots may well do. I'd let plod know if I knew any of them that's for pretty damn certain.
Question Author
they one second from the left at the top looks like Simon Pegg!
So would I but that’s mainly because we are not of mob mentality , let’s hope thd good people of Bristol recognise them
I reckon at least 3 years in the slammer. The damage,surely, must be in excess of £5,000 when you consider the recovery costs as well.Could deter others and there will be others if this lot get away with it.

Question Author
I like the sound of this one:
"Racially or religiously aggravated criminal damage" - I'd say it was racially aggravated - 14 years in the slammer!
I would advocate for an American chain gang system for this load of vermin and others like them,
There is no way we are bringing back the birch so,
Get them out cleaning graffiti,litter that their buddies leave,any other menial tasks for say 3 months
Might not work but at least give it a try.
Why didn’t police arrest that at the time instead of standing by and watching it topple?

Why has it taken over 2 weeks to issue photos when film of the toppling was widely published on 12th June?

An act of vandalism is probably a small fine. Might be difficult to prove 15 cases though. Just being there and watching can’t be a crime Or Bristol Police would have to arrest themselves.

I'll ask my joiner hubby to build some stocks.
Question Author
I guess they can't win can they gromit? They were widely praised by the hand wringers for not intervening at the time, probably by you too so now you say they should have acted? Right oh!
Question Author
from retro's link gromit:
"Racially or religiously aggravated criminal damage" - up to 14 years.
If and when they arrest them I'll let the law decide their punishment.
//If and when they arrest them I'll let the law decide their punishment.//

Less of that kinda talk Mamya, I've just got on a job lot of pitchforks and flaming torches to sell. I'll never shift them if people start being reasonable.
// Racially or religiously aggravated criminal damage //

The statue was damaged because 45,000 Africans died On his slave ships. It was not targeted because he was christian or white. Not a chance of getting a conviction on that ludicrous charge.

That usually applies to property not worthless lumps of metal. How would you prove a religious motive,
Sorry about that Mozz, soon be Halloween - I'll help you flog, I mean sell them.

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