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johnny.5 | 16:08 Sun 21st Jun 2020 | News
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after reading the article on this re branding of uncle ben
will the blm movement boycott all songs singer and artists that use the n word in their lyrics
also boycott all the record producers and distribution outlets that allow any such material to be heard ?


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Do they not have an online presence where you can ask them these questions?

Not sure we have many BLM supporters on here.
Question Author
you don't say mamy
there may be BLM supporters but they find it easly resist taking questions like this seriously

yeah I think they should torch the cars they find playing these awful things.

this is like the halcyon days of Brexit - when people like TTT wondered seriously if Barnier was gonna sprout another head. Supporters weighing in with comments that there would be no surprise if that were to happen
If you are referring to that massive number of black rappers who use the 'n' word in their lyrics, you will find that use of the term by a black person is seen as 're-possession' of a derogatory term, which takes the sting out of its use, hence its popularity.

Use the word as a black person, it's empowering, use it as a white person, get a smack in the mouth.

I don't make the rules do I ...
I don't think they can johnny as I've heard that some men of colour, use this word in their rap songs and it is totally acceptable in this context.
andy beat me to it.
Uncle Ben's is now Uncle Tom's, Nigeria has been nuked into obliteration and Zoologist are frantically looking for a new, and more "suitable" name for the much maligned Racoon.
Wonder what happens when the "mixed ancestry" faces use the word? Do they get a hug from "some" and a stab wound from "others"?
Along with Uncle Ben, Aunt Jemima is about to mosey on down the trail into obscurity.
This goes against the grain.
Sorry if I didn't give the query the gravitas it deserves, I really thought they may be the best placed to answer.

I am the last one to hurriedly start the hue and cry about changing the name of Blackpool for instance, that is so old hat to be stale as last century's bread.
// Zoologist are frantically looking for a new, and more "suitable" name for the much maligned Racoon.//

yeah n do you remember one of Tariq Ali's little frenz ( he was on the radio firebrand trotting away on theradio a few nights ago ) Caroline Coon - ? She has changed her name to Caroline Whiteperson
you have missed out whitehall as the seat of white surpremacist govt.
I'll leave that one for someone else Peter.
Question Author
I would like to think it is just a flash in the pan action which will appease some short term but . I think now it is starting to damage the cause for blm and help promote the opposite worse
I'll ponder these issues whilst eating my fried chicken and water melon.
haha, nice one Douglas.
Why am I surprised that they have an excuse for using it? How 'of colour' do you have to be to get away with it? Would North African count? People talk about black and white, when does one become the other? Would Michael Jackson still qualify for exemption? If you think I'm not talking this seriously, you're not wrong, congratulations to BLM.
yes I mean - there is a girl in the land of the free who did de blark teeng - and turned out to have nordic parents who were vocal (yodelling perhaps)

she is now saying that dat being blark is a social construct
- anyone can think it and thus do it and skin colour is irrelevant

I think this must be the most serious post on a knock about thread

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