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President Trump Strikes Again!

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andy-hughes | 23:19 Fri 05th Jun 2020 | News
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This time, he links the death of a murdered citizen, reactions to which are burning his country down around him, to his own self-aggrandisement about the unemployment figures.

He actually says that Mr Floyd will be 'looking down' on him, and that it's a 'great day for him ...'.

There are one or two possible holes in the President's reasoning I feel -

If Mr Floyd is looking down, he may be less inclined to be smiling about the employment figures, he might be pondering why he has been murdered, and what the President is actually going to do about the fallout from that.

Mr Floyd might also be wondering why the President thinks it's a 'great day' for him because … he is still dead!!

Of course, we should not be surprised at this latest nonsense from the President.

The simple fact, which he demonstrates time and time again is this -

President Trump cannot think on his feet - a pre-requisite for any politician at any level.

He is unable to stop what comes into his brain simultaneously coming out of his mouth, and sadly, what does come into his brain in unconnected random thoughts with no sense in them, or link between them.

You can see when he is doing this - first of all he looks right at the camera, which means (oh no!!!) - he has stopped reading the autocue, or any notes he has been given to prevent just such an occurrence as this.

Then his eyes glaze over as he launches into one of his stream-of-nonsense speeches, where he ceases to think at all, and simply says the random words that flit across his mind.

The clincher is the short pause, where even he realises that he has ceased to make any sense whatsoever, and he is simply babbling - again. But of course, he can't have silence, so his mouth starts up again with more of those unconnected meaningless words, and on he goes.

Someone in his administration should be saying "Read this - and only this - do NOT deviate from it in any way shape or form, and when you have read it, stop talking."

The chances are someone does this, but being Donald Trump, he knows better and takes no notice.

The USA is being run by a man whose brain simply does not function normally, and here is proof - again, as if we needed it.


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I saw this on the news and even though we have come to expect some ridiculous things from Trump, my mouth was actually agape. I don't care what his doctor says about the guy's mental state. There just has to be something wrong with his wiring. Which, when you realise he is the most powerful man in the world, is quite scary.
I think he may have been experimenting with bleach injections to clean his mouth out, but needless to say.... he needs mental help for sure, my worry is him being in charge of that big red button, because he's crazy enough.
There are no words. Well, actually there’s one but it would beget me banned.

Cue the Trump fans to defend this one.......
I well expect to wake one morning, and the news being he's taken a bullet to the head, one can live in hope.
Question Author
Teacake, that is an utterly disgusting thing to say, you should be ashamed of yourself.
The thump a trump hobbyists are busy again tonight.
TC is merely dreaming of an idyllic pastoral scene which happens to include a grassy-knoll.
I have to agree. I did cringe when I heard those words. Even 'Mr Floyd is perfectly happy up there' knowing this is a good time for equality in America. Apart from the crass statement how does President Trump, as a god fearing man, know Mr Floyd was up there looking down. Floyd wasn't any plaster saint after all was he with his armed robbery on a pregnant woman rap amongst others. Laughable. But only in the USA can we get a black bishop preaching 'Mr Floyd was a child of God with value and worth'. How bad must a bad boy be for the Bishop to denounce a sinner?
Ok, I'm ashamed for thirty seconds, now, I live in hope again.

This is the epitome of fake news.

I cannot believe supposedly intelligent adults are buying this fake news.
Same U.S. bish who was invited to speak at Meghan and Ginges nuptials btw.
The price of freedom of ‘speech‘ is people like tea cake being able to write Such mind-numbingly crass comments, I’m afraid.
The only explanation for this quote can be that Trump is trolling us. Pure and simple. Better not to react to something that was clearly meant to provoke.
Are you saying that Trump did not say that, Cassa....because it's what I heard?
Oh, go on cassa, try to defend this. It'll give us some good entertainment at least.
Question Author
Jim, I honestly think the President lacks the wit and intelligence to troll anyone.

Sadly, that's not an excuse that will fly.
I can’t believe how anyone can continue to support this person .
Question Author
Cassa, are you saying that President Trump didn't say the things in my OP?
Fake news! Haaaaa!!!
Utterly astonishing statement, I actually thought I had misheard him.

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President Trump Strikes Again!

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