Nurse And Children Reunion

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whurules | 21:13 Wed 03rd Jun 2020 | News
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Could anyone explain how the woman was able to have the children leave her sisters house and just go back to their home and hug, don't understand why they don't have to social distance, thought you couldn't move from one house to another


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they shouldn't have hugged, but were allowed to meet up.
After 2 months, can't blame mum or children for forgetting not to hug.
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Wouldn't have thought a nurse would forget
From the non-exhaustive list of "reasonable excuses" for staying somewhere other than the place you live:

"P is a child that does not live in the same household as their parents, or one of their parents, and the overnight stay is necessary to continue existing arrangements for access to, and contact between, parents and children;"

There is nothing in the legislation which prevents them (or indeed anybody else) from having a hug provided their "gathering" is permitted under Part 7 of the latest regulations. If it is, you can have a hug, have a kiss or sit on each other's laps so long as you both agree. "Social Distancing" (or anti-social distancing to describe it properly) is guidance, not law. The latest regulations are here:
perhaps they are going back to live in a family unit now

and children have an age advantage ( they dont die) over adults with this disease. so you cd go hom of a day and hug them
HOWEVER I am aware of children being isolated

WR, You don't have kids then?
Who cares, whole thing is a waste of time now, clearly all the BAME (who are supposed to be more disadvantaged to fighting COVID) protesters think so too, along with the beach hordes.

They met up again in the sister's house.

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Nurse And Children Reunion

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