It's Not Looking Any Better For Boris

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gulliver1 | 15:16 Thu 04th Jun 2020 | News
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Jacob Rees Mogg, is facing calls to resign as Leader Of The House of Commons, amid concerns that his decision to recall Parliament has created a Coronavirus Hot Spot, after Business Secretary ,Alok Sharma was tested for Covid 19 after Becoming unwell in The House of Commons Chamber.


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All those poor lambs bleating like hell that they had to queue in the sunshine to vote whether to return or not. First time I have seen such a mass turn out of MPs actually attending the work they get paid for irrespective of covid. Meanwhile the rest of us have been queuing for the last 10 weeks for staple necessities outside supermarkets.
Has he been given a positive result?
Mind you, it just shows that there's not much social distancing going on if there's a need to self isolate. You'd think Bojo would have learnt his lesson, wouldn't you.
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Not sure if the test was positive or not Rocky.
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Well I am pretty sure that if he didnt call them back but sent everyone else to work you would be screaming from the roof tops, and if not you someone else.

Damned if you do and damned if you dont.
Rees Mogg was absolutely correct in making MPs go to Parliament to personally vote rather than do so remotely.
Even though he was right, he seems to have done so for the wrong reason. He wanted to maintain the traditional aspect of turning up to vote, rather than it being a signal.

The decision was right because how can the Government tell people to go back to work, and children go back to school, if they are not prepared to go back to work themselves.

The other error he made was not allowing an exemption for more vulnerable members. Elderly and long term sick MPs should not have been herded in to vote.

But on the whole, MPs should work in the House when possible.
"The other error he made was not allowing an exemption for more vulnerable members. Elderly and long term sick MPs should not have been herded in to vote"

I agree.
But we're all told to work from home if we can. A lot of us have bent over backwards trying to make it work with technology that we're not used to or had any experience with. Why couldn't parliament do that? I'm sure remote voting wouldn't be difficult to do and would alleviate the need for 600 odd MPs to travel at the same time.
I agree rocky. Homeworking should be encouraged and parliament could set an example. School is a different issue- most children do very little work remotely, especially the ones that need it most, and parents all need schools open to help them return to work if needed.
For Parliament I think the virtual debates have been better without the braying and playing to the audience. I think the committees probably do need to meet physically though to study and discuss detailed documents.
Even Boris and Matt have confused the leader of the house you couldn’t make it up .was gove in on it too .Dont they listen to mr Cummings any more ?
Why did Alok Sharma go into work when he felt unwell and had the symptoms of the virus?
In fairness, retrocop, I expect the MPs have had to queue for the shops too. They, like the rest of us, have to eat.
He may have felt well when he left home Barsel, it can strike quickly.

It won't be good if there's another group are set to self isolate again though no doubt as things open up this will become more common.
Distinct possibility that Boris will have to self-isolate again, if the tests on Mr Sharma return positive, according to the news. Apparently the two shared a meeting at No 10 earlier in the week.
no question then ?....
just a troll post....
Well, if Boris gets Covid again, it'll put a particular school of thought to bed, won't it.
He didn't test positive
altho I thought it was obvious that Sharma ws covid positive
he has tested negative
I wondered if he wd continue to shield and retest
(yes apparently)
He looked exactly like the Iranian Health Minister several weeks ago who suddenly broke into profuse sweating, much mopping of face and removing specs whilst answering questions with his Ayatollah. He did test positive and survived.

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It's Not Looking Any Better For Boris

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