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Certainly brings out the best in us, doesn’t it. The Blitz Spirit it isn’t.
Can't believe you're knocking a guy for raising so much money for charity. Why not here? Perhaps no-one asked him to do it here.
Question Author
I’m not knocking him, well done what he’s achieved but just thinking how his own country could have used a large cash injection too,
Maybe he's gonna do something over here. Think he's a bit more popular over in the USA than here.
When do you think Elton John last resided in England Bobbie ?
Question Author
Could be Aunt Polly and I’d be the 1st to praise him :0) says it was broadcast from his kitchen. I'm assuming that's somewhere in the US. Does it say anywhere that he was in the UK? Maybe I missed it...
Imagine if he did it from the US but to raise dosh for the UK...or Europe. Or visa versa...
Question Author
Hi Pasta, it’s not called a kitchen there is it?
'In his kitchen' make me smile. He probably has a fully functioning recording studio in his LA mansion.
Its a Kitchen both sides of the pond Bobbi
Stated in the article, Bobbi...
>>>>>The Sunday night show, hosted by Elton John from his kitchen, featured Billie Eilish, the Backstreet Boys, Lizzo, Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga and Tim McGraw - all appearing by way of smartphones, home cameras or online platforms.

And they are called kitchens there too...even if both your house and my flat will fit in it...;)
Question Author
Is it? I wasn’t sure, see how coming on AB you learn a bit of trivia each day, all is not lost, haha
Question Author
Hats off to him,
Who would you(s) like to see doing one over here?
Glenn Miller
Yes it would be a really good idea. Do something like Band-Aid over 24 hours but without the Wembley concert obviously. It would also break the boredom to have a good show to watch. Maybe you could start a new thread Bobbi on who we would like in the line-up?
Question Author
I will Aunt Polly,
Bliddy Glen Millar...oops Miller retro lol
Although it could be like the one Elvis did with the LPO couldn’t it??
‘When do you think Elton John last resided in England Bobbie ?’

He has a house just round the corner from Chris Evans, Surrey, I think.
Oh, it'd be great to have one here. I'm surprised no one has done something by now.
//Do something like Band-Aid over 24 hours...//

Are you really trying to drive people completely round the bend? It's bad enough being stuck indoors with nothing much to do until gardening can begin in earnest. But to threaten people with 24 hours of a Bob Geldof-type jamboree with someone like him shouting "give us the ***king money" ever ten minutes? The problems posed by the virus will seem small beer compared to the mental problems people will suffer if that happens. Ageing celebs should stick to what they do best - sitting at home counting their royalty money. Then the rest of us can watch repeats of "Midsomer Murders".
Something like, NJ. Not a carbon copy.

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