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dunno but I'm having a voddy right now!
The Washington Post website isn't accessible via some browsers (unless people muck about with the settings). This might be a better link for users of Firefox, etc:

The vodka bit sounds good to me ;-)
No. :/
Care to predict next week's headlines from Belarus?
Maybe, who knows? We need proof; that would come from the vodka. We need statistics; they would come from the football. And the sauna would enable a heated discussion.
Similar to those from Brazil, I should imagine.

Not a good time to have a strongman leader. Diseases don't respect macho politics.
"Tractor manufacture a poor third compared to distillers and steam baths" says Finance Secretary
give it 3 - 4 weeks when the new president will be spouting forth a different load of guff.
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It’s debatable what is worse for your health: obeying Mr Lukashenko ... or disobeying him.

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Vodka, Saunas And Football. Does Belarus

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