Will You Be Taking Steps To Stop Supporting China?

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youngmafbog | 15:47 Sun 29th Mar 2020 | News
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It's a pretty evil State with people eating wild animals and a disatrous human rights record. Now, if reports are correct, China is making money from this disaster by buying up stocks in the West and selling masks to Ireland etc. One way or another this country is responsible for all this, we know they lied about the figures so what else? Already they have tried blaming everyone else but themselves.

Personally I shall now be very careful of buying anything made in that country from now on if I can help it.

And certainly BoJo needs to stop the Huawei deal.


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I said much the same about 3/4 weeks ago youngmafbog and was reported by someone for my thread being ‘inappropriate ‘ and before it was zapped I was told I was being racist about the Chinese
Just saying :0/
Didn’t we always know it was an evil state?

Although the virus started there, it has been spread by the free movement of just about every nationality in the planet.

You’ve probably posted this on a device which, if not wholly made in China, then some components probably have.

I’m not sure I follow your logic.
It's going to be a bit difficult to stop supporting China, as many, many items - especially electronic things - are made there. My computer mouse, for example, was made in China. However, I shall certainly try to avoid buying Chinese products, whenever possible.
Now, if reports ARE CORRECT, China is making money from this disaster by buying up stocks in the West and selling masks to Ireland etc.

(Cough cough).
Thoroughly well said Z-M and Bookbinder.

The idea of avoiding China sounds like virtue signalling.

...even if it were possible with the globalisation of manufacturing components and financial products.
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Guess you are ok with China making a profit from this then SP?

Bobbi, this is not meant to be racist in any way, I am not proposing boycotting your local Chinese Takeaway!!

Question Author
ZM/ Bookminder. Note I wrote "where I can help it"

Maybe we need to start bringing production back to the West. But if you are happy buying from China then carry on.
Hey I know youngmafbog, it was me who was called a racist

It's almost impossible to have a diet with foods that were not produced in China. Products such as chips and garlic are produced in China. Spices and herbs such as ginger and garlic are grown in China and exported to foreign markets. Many canned foods on market shelves were manufactured in China.
the Chinese have eaten what they eat for centuries. You need to ask why it suddenly matters to you. Increased tourism, in and out? Increased industrialisation (which the west has been urging on them for decades) leading to an impoverished countryside?

Beats me why the Huawei deal was passed; but it beats me why London buses have a map of the Seine in their logo - because they're owned by the Paris metro people. The root cause is that the British don't like spending money, and would sooner pay foreigners to do stuff for them cheap.

Good luck boycotting stuff from countries you don't like. How many countries do you like?

You know what...rather than cutting and pasting, I'll let you read what is made in China, then you can explain how YOU are going to avoid buying anything made in China:

Best of luck with that.
Who is selling the stocks of masks in the West to China? Name and shame those companies for surely they are profiteering themselves.

I eat wild animals, it doesn't make me evil.
Even if you buy goods made elsewhere it is highly likely at least some of the components will have been made in China.
Some companies in the UK make a big profit by buying Chinese components, assembling them in the UK and sticking a 'Made in UK' label on them.
So you think China should give the masks away?
On the topic of masks, a nice gesture by a group of Chinese Professionals a few days ago.
/// evil State with people eating wild animals ///

Rabbits saved this country from starvation in WW2.

Venison is consumed widely in the UK.

One of the most common foods in UK is fish and chips.

Wild grouse can be found on UK supermarket shelves.
There are lots of good reasons to deplore the Chinese regime.
None of the most pressing ones feature, IMO, in the OP.
The trouble is that with a country as powerful as China there will always be an element of nose-removal and face-spiting.
I know Canary but rats n bats???
Too much
Didn't they eat rats on I'm A Celeb?
Anyone who chooses to eat cows, sheep, pigs, fish or poultry can't criticise other people who choose to eat other animals. It may not be to our taste but all meat comes from an animal.

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