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tiggerblue10 | 10:00 Fri 27th Mar 2020 | News
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I don't think this is the right time for 'I told you so'.


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The Labour party managed to bankrupt the UK during peace time...
Ian Lavery said it was 'a great opportunity'.
No good appealing to lefty's better nature.
Jeremy Corbyn doesn't seem to have specifically gone out of his way to attack the Government's position on Covid-19. He was simply invited to give an interview and, whether you agree with him or not, he gave honest answers to the questions that he was asked.
I wonder what Mr Corbyn thought of an Ex Labour Chancellor praising the Government. (Last nights One Show)
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Ah ok, I didn't realise he was invited to give an interview and said this, Chris.
There’s no comparison between public spending in normal times and why it’s happening now. The man is a complete twonk.
Labour handed the Tory’s a major majority which is never a good thing .So there you go J C that one not the other one
Listening to him last night almost induced violence in me. Banging on about how the government isn’t doing enough, including for the self-employed. Rank hypocrisy from someone who abhors aspiration. He needs to put a sock in it because he’s doing nothing for morale in these troubled times. He’s yesterday’s man - and even then he was only ever an also ran.
Life has to go on, the Opposition still has a job to do.
But I don’t think Corbyn is right, he is not making a fair comparison. Still in denial of why he ledLabour i to its worse defeat in eighty years.

Though I am bemused that all the people who went on about Corbyn’s money tree, and Labour would have to borrow £billions and vastly increase the national debt, are qUite happy now a Conservative Chancellor is doing just that.

Labour were correct to spend to save the economy in 2008, and the Tories are right to do it now. I just wonder if in the long run, Rishi Sunak will be seen as our saviour, or as another Gordon Brown.

Gromit, thank your lucky stars Labour isn't handling this unprecedented situation. Think about it and be bemused no longer.
Rishi Sunak is very impressive. (imo)
Surely a future PM.
he's proved right if there was a pandemic! PMSL, don't remember that in the manifesto! He wanted to do the spending regardless, typical lefty attempt at point scoring, another own goal Jezza!
ZM 10:16, Bang on, BA material.

Labour handled the unprecedented situation in 2008 rather well.
The borrowed lots of money to bailout to stimulate the economy, And avoided a recession/depression.
How is what Rishi Sunak doing now, any different from what Labour did 12 years ago. It is exactly the same.
Agent Cob had years of open goals during his tenure and hardly ever hit the target, bit late now!
gromit 10:49, correct Labour did do the right thing in 2008 and I supported that at the time.
I agree that Rishi Sunak is very impressive. Mind you it probably isn’t hard for a chancellor to look impressive when handing out loads of money, we will see how impressive he looks when he starts taking it back.
Gromit, it isn't 'exactly the same'. The current government's task is enormous - absolutely enormous. No comparison whatsoever.
It was the inevitable publication of 'look at me' videos 'I'm the best clapper' that I knew would irk me slightly.

Jeremy nominates himself here.

Haaaa! Love some of the comments there:

Oliver Ogden. //Thank you Jeremy! Oh how things could have been different with you in charge!//

Peter C. //OMG, he would still have been setting up a meeting with the virus to negotiate.//

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