Priti's, 'reign Of Terror'

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Khandro | 09:33 Mon 24th Feb 2020 | News
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More of it I say, do you agree?


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Priti is denying that she has bullied anyone and that the rumours are false.
she denied it of course,

I have no idea whether she is a bully or not, but she is probably not the best person to judge whether her behaviour is bullying or not.
Government ministers and civil servants have had disagreements in the past, but plainly this is a situation which has been allowed to get out of control.
Patel is a nasty piece of work by all accounts, but personally I think the PM is to blame for promoting her way beyond her abilities. And also now it would seem for failing to take any action to smooth things over.
She was slung out of her last cabinet post for lying to the PM about her trip to Israel. Something will have to give eventually, but it may not be soon, alas. Sounds like she would fall out with her own shadow.
Dreadful incompetent woman in a dreadful incompetent government. And where IS Johnson? The Invisible Man. Incapable of leadership.
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i would suggest he is leading from the front, it doesn't mean he has to go and dump himself on the folk, if he and the team are coordinating with the various agencies that is good enough...
"She denied it, of course." To paraphrase a certain Mandy Rice-Davies, "She would, wouldn't she."
Maybe the higher parts of the Civil Service do need a shakeup and its fashionable to say you are being bullied. Maybe they interpret being told to do their job better as bullying but if they want 1st division pay they should provide a better level of service.
It’s our old friend Sargon of Akkad.

Question Author
I suspect the negative replies are from people who haven't watched the video, am I correct?
Question Author
//It’s our old friend Sargon of Akkad.//

... and it's our old friend the, "shoot the messenger ploy" favoured on AB.

A bit of corroboration here, if you don't like this messenger;

Yes, the draining of the swamp is underway

No I saw enough of that video to get the measure of its nonsense.
I notice you rarely advertise where these videos come from. The embedded link makes it not at all clear. You have to go to the YouTube page to see it
Daily Express readers said it, it must be true.
Furthermore Priti Patel is not for to hold any cabinet post, let alone that of Home Secretary.
I don’t need to watch a YouTube video by a far right activist to give me the right to post that opinion.
Not “fit”
‘Civil Service’ reminds me of a evaluation by the military of a new Mk1 prototype firearm they were to be issued with. “It doesn’t work and can’t be fired”
Sort em out Priti .
She could terrorise me.
There's a difference between pressuring your staff to improve their performance and bullying them. The first is perfectly proper, the second is not.

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Priti's, 'reign Of Terror'

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