Sir Humphrey, Watch Out !

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Khandro | 09:44 Thu 02nd Jan 2020 | News
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Civil servants could be forced to sit regular exams to prove they are competent to work in Whitehall under “seismic” changes being planned by Downing Street, the architect of Boris Johnson's manifesto has said.

Rachel Wolf, the co-author of the Conservative Party's election blueprint, says officials are “woefully unprepared” for wholesale reforms being planned by the Prime Minister to transform the way the Government is run.

Writing in The Daily Telegraph, she says widely-reported plans for merging, creating or abolishing departments represent a “tiny fraction” of the revolution that Mr Johnson and his chief aide Dominic Cummings will implement in the spring once Britain has left the EU.


Long overdue?


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A very courageous move. :-)
Difficult to say with such little detail, not to mention limited understanding of the civil service working. Maybe I'll go swot up by watching more Yes Minister.
Think she will being paid for journalism, shame fish shop's don't use it any more.
I'd be more interested to see MP's being made to take a competence exam to see if they're fit to serve.
Question Author
Mozz Good idea, maybe that will be next
And who will lead these departments that have competent staff? When the staff have taken a competency exam and found to be in the right job they get a department head that has zero experience in the field.

An MP will be parachuted in and they will lead how?
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//An MP will be parachuted in and they will lead how?//

A member of Parliament can't be Head of a department of the civil service. If there are any new heads, they will come from within the service itself or presumably, recruited from outside.

I think the ones who have been actively working against & trying to thwart Brexit against instructions, will have to watch their backs.
Long Long overdue..Sir Humphrey will certainly get the Hump...
The swamp needs draining

Go Boris!

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Sir Humphrey, Watch Out !

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