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Lady Hale

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piggynose | 15:27 Fri 27th Dec 2019 | News
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Fears politising Judges. To copy the usa system. Is she right to be fearful?
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Not sure you needed 2 threads
I was more concerned that judges seem to possibly be politicising themselves, judging from the decisions and interpretations made when the last government was trying to make political decisions and find a way to advance the people's demand. Perhaps the judiciary needs to look to themselves first.
We don’t want to be politicised,” said Baroness Hale of Richmond.... Then why get involved in Brexit and the proroguing of government?. It should have been chucked back.

The only thing that would happen if politicians got involved with appointing Supreme Court judges is that each parliament would send in those that broadly agree with their politics. If the judge is any good they will judge on merit and the law. If not they will do a Bercow and do what they like.
Question Author
2 threads, sorry i didn't know there were 2. Out of interest wheres the other one?
Question Author
Or were you referring to the link, which seems to be expected in most threads.
Piggynose, there were two threads started by you, around the same time - I remember thinking it odd! One must have been deleted.
Question Author
Sorry nical.
// The only thing that would happen if politicians ..appointed Supreme Court judges is that each parliament would send in those that ..agree with their politics.//

erm I think that is what people are worrying about
and justifyably

political appointees AREN'T always better than those appointed by secret means. The American sustem worked quite well, until Pres Trump ( ah bless!) asked - are you my man?
rather than are you good at your job?
Bless. The already highly politicised Lady Hale(see previous "judgements") is now afraid of the judiciary being politicised by what just happens to be Conservative Government with a large majority. This is the luvvie leftie judge that has revelled in her opportunity to thwart democracy, and was a placement by the marxist left. Stalin knew what to do with judges that did not meet his stringent left wing leanings. Lessons must be learned.
How did the Marxist left place her in the judiciary, Togo?
I don’t think Trump actually asked any judge if ‘ are you my man’.

That Peter is typical of those that see nothing but wrongdoing in Trump. Typical. Typical laziness that gobbles up MSM with aplomb.

And even if he did (which I don’t think he did) as I said they should interpret the law as is.
Notice Cassa, that the other lackey isn't querying the Clinton and Obama appointments to the Supreme Court in the U.S.? They never do though do they? Just play smart arris with diversion spoilers and insolent half wit leitmotifs. Hale is going. Good. Hail and farewell(not too well I hope). Replace her with your own dogsbody Boris. I would. :))
If you don’t think Trump has twisted the US judiciary to his own ends, then you should read this:

1 in every 4 circuit court judges is now a Trump placement.
But surely the House Of Lords are all political appointments aren't they?
//But surely the House Of Lords are all political appointments aren't they?//

Only when they are not anti British or left wing appointments. Only then are they deemed, by the left wing 5th columnists and tenuously British, to be "political" appointments.
Yes, she is right. Judges are being labelled "political" for making judgements that others disagree with. There is nothing more to it than that. Read the judgements -- particularly those that go with the government -- and you'll see that judges know their job pretty well, actually. It's all a nonsense to remove and destroy a vital independent check on the political system, and would be fatally undermined by any US-style system.
she has a point, we should not politicise judges but neither should we be infested with TROB idiots with no real life experience. There must be a better way.
Judges need law experience. Life often has nothing to do with it :P
....which is why they let criminal scum off all the time jim, they have no comprehension of the effect of say, a burglary.

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