Prince Harry Further Endears Himself To The English Public.......

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joeluke | 21:10 Sat 02nd Nov 2019 | News
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"I've had such a bad press recently so I know what I'll do to rectify that, I'll celebrate with the team who have just beaten my own country in the World Cup Final".

Princess Sparkle probably put him up to it, ever since he met her she's her hand up his back working him


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He congratulated the worthy winning team.
There is nothing wrong with that.
You missed a bit Joe...

//The Duke of Sussex has praised the England rugby team for an 'outstanding job' and urged them to hold their heads high after their dreams of Rugby World Cup victory ended in disappointment.

Harry, who joined Japan's Crown Prince Akishino in the stands for the final in Yokohama, said the players should be 'incredibly proud' of their achievement, despite their 32-12 loss to South Africa.

'Tonight was not England's night,' the duke said, in a message posted on the Sussex Royal Instagram account.

'But the whole nation is incredibly proud of what @EnglandRugby have achieved over the past few months,' he added.

'Hold your heads high boys, you did an outstanding job and we couldn't have asked more from you".//

To then not congratulate the winning team would have been churlish.
Question Author
So where's the publicity pics of him commiserating with the England boys?
Thanks, Mamya, it was good to get the full version. Sometimes 'highlights', 'lowlights' give a rather distorted picture!
Prince offers fair and balanced comment on a rugby match shocker.

Jingoist element outraged.
You're asking the wrong people.

Keep stirring Joe, something of substance may float to the surface eventually.
Question Author
Probably doesn't even do his own social media, one of his flunkies will have that job
Question Author
Posing with the S. Africans will have earned him a good few brownie points with Princess Sparkle too
Wow, you really do have your bra strap in a twist about Harry and Meg haven't you? Being gracious in defeat is a very positive trait and being critical about it says more about you than it does the Sussexes.

You asked where the pics are? Do you really think that the England team wanted to pose for photo ops after such a crushing disappointment? Don't bedaft.
You've been quiet for a good while Joe , is all well?
Have just looked at your first twenty questions joeluke, you've complained about somebody or something on every one. Are you ever happy?
Sounds like your Union Jack underpants are now packed safely away for four more years Joe ?
I was thinking about Joe yesterday. Someone said something sexist and he popped into my head :-)
Ooooerrrr, ummmm. :-)
Joeluke , Spot on , keep it coming. love your post
Question Author
Mama....all ok ta, not been on here for a long time so thought I'd pop back in but it's as even more staid and beige than it ever was.'s called having an opinion

Ummmm… sexist???? Really? you doing girl?
See Joe, your post is such utter bs that Gulliver approved of it.
Must think Elton's made of trees.
I'm good thanks :-)

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Prince Harry Further Endears Himself To The English Public.......

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