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some people should just be quiet, he is one.
It would hit *one* millennial's mental health.
The only half decent point Freddie made is that Schools don't prepare pupils very well for the outside world and how to deal with it - thank goodness most of us parents do.
Sounds like he could do with experiencing some front line action.
I read this yesterday. How pathetic! What are our history students suppose to learn about?
To give him his dues, his aspirations are low , he only wanted his face on the show - he got that.

Glad he's not one of mine.
Why world war 2 though? What about other wars?
If ever there was a template for a slappable face, this is it.

Whiny little ***.
Describing him as a 'man' is really pushing it. To think our grandfathers were fighting in the trenches at his age...… I echo the above -the whiney little **********

My kids know all about the wars and appreciate and are sad that many gave their lives. They are proud their great grandfather fought in Flanders Fields and their granddad flew as a navigator in the RAF towards the end of WW2 and one of their grannies got parachuted into enemy lines to spy on the Germans.
Thankfully he is unlikely to breed...……...
I also wanted to slap him, I presume this all emanates from the Apprentice, not one of the group knew the dates of WW2 which was shocking (I was also surprised that they didn't know what a mortar board was, had presumed some of them had been to university. Also surprised, although not a criticism, that none of them had ever gone riding, most who have will have heard of an eggbutt snaffle).
What a prat he is, I saw him on the TV. I was not impressed, of course young people should learn about the wars.
He's obviously quite right. Well done that boy.
Now can someone hurry up and put forward an act to raise the voting age to, say, 30 ?
That should help prevent many of the vote twice brigade.
I very much doubt he represents "most" people of any age. Sometimes people are just given too much publicity.
This little fairy does the young no favours does he ? There are so many youngsters doing good things for service charities but as they say,' there's always at least one clown in every circus' .
Very true Retro and was he booked to appear for controversy to ensue or were there other young people there with sensible views?
Most of my history lessons were about Greeks & Romans. I think even the Industrial Revolution was a bit too recent to be considered as "history"!
Well, my grandkids love it when we take them to Eden Camp, nr. Pickering, which is an ex - POW camp and brilliant (look it up). They gain kudos at school when they can say that their grandad was an evacuee and talk about his experiences; such as that he was sent to S. Wales and watched the bombs falling on Swansea and also that he had to learn Welsh at school (he can still speak it reasonably well). Eldest grandsprog has started studying the Cold War for GCSE and has gained invaluable understanding from his stories of patrolling the Iron Curtain in Bavaria and those of another chap in the village who was i/c of one of the supply trains travelling to West Berlin.

This little prawn (who I agree needs a good slap + compulsory further ed. in the atrocities of WW2) should be subject to some form of National Service (not necessarily military) to learn about social cohesion and service. I'm feeling very cross, sorry.
As Oscar Wilde so correctly pointed out all those years ago - the trouble with youth is that it is wasted on the young.

I have pointed out many times on this site that part of the joy of being a student is that your every physical need is met, allowing your planet-sized intelligence to grapple with and spout about utter nonsense that doesn;t matter a damn to anyone, and that is cared about by no-one except similar people with next to no life experience, and the hollow arrogance of immaturity.

This is simply another example of that situation

This young man is unaware of the concept of learning lessons from history, and understanding where we have been as an aid to see where we are going - his life experience, and the gaps in his education, mean that he simply doesn't understand what he is talking about.

So there is no point in his 'elders' getting all het up about his ignorance, and arrogance, they are the product of his age and inexperience.

The issue is with giving him a platform on national television to air views that could be safely applauded in his student union bar, or his local pub, and roundly ignored by anyone with the age and intelligence to understand immature uninformed nonsense when they hear it.

He is young, he will learn, and he may look back in years to come and cringe at how callow and foolish he was - as many of us do, but we were allowed to spout our nonsense in strictly limited circumstances, his ability to reach out to, and annoy, the entire wider world is the downside of mass communication.

// Mamyalynne
To give him his dues, his aspirations are low , he only wanted his face on the show - he got that. //

That reminds me of the comment on a commanding officer's Annual Qualification report for one of his men/women.
'Since my last report this person has set low personal standards and has constantly failed to achieve them' :-(

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