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Do You Think Boris Should Resign.

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Bobbisox1 | 09:49 Wed 25th Sep 2019 | News
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I don’t , Why?
Because he’s the only one who knows where he’s going, he has no majority in the HoC so he should call a GE now, we couldn’t be in a worse position than we are now, let Corbyn put his money where his mouth is, I’m not suggesting he’ll win a GE because the whole thing is a mess, everyone is sick of the last 3 .3 years, we need to get leadership like never before in our once very proud country


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Not in the slightest. He's trying to force through our democratic decision against a tide of folk who treat democracy and the public with disdain, and who will use every trap, loophole, and trick they can find to thwart the nation. Boris deserves a medal for what he has tried and put up with, and should only resign if there is something to gain from it. Presently...
10:10 Wed 25th Sep 2019
AOG, proroguing parliament isn't illegal per se. It depends on the circumstances.
// By preventing Parliament's right to hold the government to account, he broke the rules governing how the UK functions. //

Preventing Parliament from working is unlawful. There is no law specifically about illegal proroguing, so it is not a criminal offence. He acted unlawfully, but he cannot go to prison.
The use of the word 'unlawful' is rather misleading as in fact no law has been broken.

Just because Major also acted unlawfully half a century ago does not mean it is acceptable.

Major didn’t prorogue to end debate, he prorogued to have a General Election. The Supreme Court (if it had existed then) would probably have ruled differently.

Major’s proroguing had the happy consequence of delaying the Cash for Questions Report, but Major was forced to name election day because his 5 years fixed term was up.
That is why the decision did not say the advice and the prorogation were illegal.
That was in reply to DANNY.
Gromit, //What Sir John failed to mention, is that he was actually accused of proroguing himself in 1997.

As Prime Minister, he suppressed a “cash for questions” report that was catapulted to the heart of the year’s general election campaign.//
So not to have general election!
ANOTHEOLDGIT, the Supreme Court also agreed with the separate decision of the Inner House.

Do you not agree that laws should be upheld, regardless of who is funding the challenge to them?
Johnson broke the rules about dismissing Parliament but that isn’t a criminal offence, then therefore he didn’t act illegally. But the result, preventing Parliament from debating is unlawful.
Gromit. Can you state what law exists that covers prorogation?
He broke the Rules on Proroguing, he didn’t break the Law, because one does not exist.

I have already clarified my error in saying the Supreme Court upheld the existing Law. What they actually said was proroguing was unlawful because Johnson broke the rules to prorogue.
No, No, a thousand times No - do not retire Boris, you are our only hope ('our' being the leave voters) for finally getting away from the EU.

If Boris is our only hope then the situation is worse than I feared.
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Drmorgans, as opposed to?
Micheal Gove. People may not like him but he's competent and a Brexiteer.
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Phew! Thought you were going to give us Jeremy

I wouldn't trust Jeremy Corbyn to deliver a bottle of ... you know the punchline.
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^^^^ me either
No I don't, this country is in a mess, but it would be even worse with no proper leadership. God help us if Jeremy were to get in.

At least Boris has agreed to follow the will of the people, and get us out of Europe.

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