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Poor Old Nige

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Canary42 | 06:20 Wed 25th Sep 2019 | News
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Nigel Farage believes that Johnson should resign as "a matter of honour".

This shows how deluded poor old Nigel has become if he expects anything honourable from Boris, based on the latter's behaviour to date - Bullingdon Club behaviour, U-turn on Brexit to promote his own advancement, sacking his hero's grandson, breaking the law, lying to the Queen, dodgy use of public funds, losing first six votes as PM (a good case for resignation), "F... business" - just a few examples.

Of course, just one of those traits from Corbyn would have the Right Wing Media howling with rage.


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I have moved this thread into the category "News".
The honourable thing is to hang on in there whilst in the right and oppose those trying to achieve that which is wrong.

However Nige is wrong on this, and I am unsure what he hopes to achieve by it.
Pretty sure Farage wants to get power rather than the Tories.
Quite an impressive list, is that his CV?

Ah, best man for the job then!
is it worth us posing canary? you never return to your threads.
//is it worth us posing canary?//

I can strike a pose on his behalf.
Farage isn’t deluded (whatever else he may be).
He is Johnson’s nemesis and is making full political capital out of the situation like everyone else.
One should choose one's Nemesis with care.
Better to rail against those opposed to your aim than against someone broadly in line. If the Tories fall, does he think he'd achieve more with a Lib/Lab pact in place ?

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Poor Old Nige

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