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Do You Think Boris Should Resign.

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Bobbisox1 | 09:49 Wed 25th Sep 2019 | News
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I don’t , Why?
Because he’s the only one who knows where he’s going, he has no majority in the HoC so he should call a GE now, we couldn’t be in a worse position than we are now, let Corbyn put his money where his mouth is, I’m not suggesting he’ll win a GE because the whole thing is a mess, everyone is sick of the last 3 .3 years, we need to get leadership like never before in our once very proud country


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Not in the slightest. He's trying to force through our democratic decision against a tide of folk who treat democracy and the public with disdain, and who will use every trap, loophole, and trick they can find to thwart the nation. Boris deserves a medal for what he has tried and put up with, and should only resign if there is something to gain from it. Presently...
10:10 Wed 25th Sep 2019
Appropriately selective and an eminently accurate response.
No matter what deal Boris is successful in getting (if any) the crowd of anti-Brexit politicians won't agree to it.

So instead of wasting more time they should get together and come up with a deal that they will accept, ruling out staying in the EU because that has already been decided on by the majority of this country's people.
Not really, N. It simply doesn't do to repeat the tragedy by branding opponents of what is, in the end, a policy objective, as anti-democratic. Bearing in mind, after all, that our primary means of democracy is representative, what is wrong in asking that Parliament play an active role in debating whether or not a given model of Brexit is appropriate for the country? It is clearly acceptable. Just because you disagree on what counts as acceptable doesn't mean that only your interpretation is the true position, or the democratic one, or the one that respects the electorate.

The problem comes because many seem determined that 52% of the voters should get 100% of the spoils. A compromise is still far more desirable; and a No Deal Brexit is, by definition, the opposite of compromise. So is unilaterally deciding to revoke Article 50, I hasten to add -- but the failure of compromise is a far more serious betrayal of democracy.
Leave Boris where he is until may 2022, with his minus - 41 MINORITY , then he will have more time to rehearse his Churchhill Speeches.
This blog post from 2015 about the FTPA and minority governments makes interesting reading:

Particularly this bit:

> Under the FTPA the only circumstances in which a Government falls would be if (a) they resigned – unlikely but not impossible or (b) the following is passed by a majority in the House of Commons: “That this House has no confidence in Her Majesty’s Government”.

I think we're in the territory of "unlikely but not impossible" now, i.e. not Boris resigning, but the Government as a whole resigning. If that's the case then when would it be best, tactically, for them to do it? I would think sometime in late October, assuming that they did not get a deal from the EU that was agreed by Parliament.

Once they resign "then a 14 day period in which attempts to form a new Government can take place". That would take us through October 31. No other government would be able to form and there would be an election shortly after we crashed out.
As has been pointed out the problem is the FTPA. As long as it remains in place stable government looks more and more remote. Its repeal musr be the priority of any new government. In theory this state of paralysis could continue for abother three years.

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