Nobody Mentioned No Deal

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vetuste_ennemi | 18:31 Fri 16th Aug 2019 | News
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...or did they?


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Clearly the guy is a disgrace. They all are.
Not that it matters, it's obvious if you don't reach a deal one leaves without one. No one needed to state the blatantly obvious.
I voted to Leave, no buts. If no sensible, deal is forthcoming (which it isn't) then OK - off we go on our own ………. and I voted whilst accepting that. No doubts. Hammond obviously dripped poison into May and weakened her.
Wouldn't anyone assume "no deal" unless it was stated otherwise?
Jourdain //Hammond obviously dripped poison into May and weakened her.//

That may be so but there were also plenty of people around her to warn her of the pitfalls and banana skins.

Sadly, she was so inflexible that she pursued the views of a select few which certainly rankled Davis and Raab for example.
ag I was trying to be nice. :(
Jourdain, you don't have to try! ;-)
Read this article a couple of days ago v/ adds to your video.

//Had he and his Remain colleagues not blocked Brexit at every opportunity, had they spend their time on working for a smooth and proper Brexit, we would have overcome the difficulties already. But he doesn’t trust us the people and he doesn’t believe in this, our country.
Why should we believe a man who clearly struggles with his memory and who is so fearful that he probably asks an EU diplomat every morning what tie he should wear to please Brussels!//;utm_medium=email&;utm_campaign=INDEPENDENCE+Daily+Newsletter1
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Thanks, Togo.
I could only watch about half of that. Sickening.
More faces than Big Ben
The useless lot that we voted for only have themselves to blame for the situation that we are now in.

They voted out May's deals three times, and were unable to put together an acceptable deal, so the only alternative they are now left with is coming out with no deal.

Which incidentally we should have done 2 years ago.
he's the very personification of the VBQC types.
VBQC? Is that a new Freeview channel?
//Nobody Mentioned No Deal//

They have now......The Germans no less.

//Stop press – the Germans have leaked! Really and truly! Obviously they don’t have a Dominic Cummings who warned all who work in the Johnson government that leakers would be thrown into the Tower. Well, lose their jobs which is as bad, nowadays.
“Germany expects a No Deal Brexit and is not prepared to renegotiate the withdrawal agreement, according to leaked details of an internal briefing paper for Angela Merkel’s government. The leaked paper is the first evidence that Germany may be preparing to let Britain walk away with No Deal rather than back down to Boris Johnson’s demand to drop the Irish backstop.” (The Times)
According to details leaked to the usually reliable Handelsblatt newspaper, the briefing paper calls for the European Union to stick to its previous line of refusing to renegotiate the withdrawal agreement. It warns that there is now a “high probability” of a No Deal Brexit on October 31, but says the EU must not “lose its nerve”. Preparations by Germany and the rest of the EU-27 to manage the impact of No Deal are “largely complete”, and the European Commission is not planning any further emergency measures, it says.”
“Some Brussels diplomats believe that if Mr Johnson’s government had been in place since 2016 the UK would have left the EU with a deal by now. “The tragedy of this government is that if we’d had them from the start there would be a deal now,” one diplomat told The Times. “They are united. They have clear demands and then we would have found an accommodation. That’s much better than a divided government with Olly Robbins struggling to work out what their position is.”//

You Betcha we would have had a "deal". Now we must keep our nerve. How many times were we howled down, when we said the same, by the slavish Remainiacs? Read this and weep.

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I love this from Togo's link:

"Clinging to their Project Fear scenarios Remainers are like prisoners who prefer to stay in jail because they feel they can’t cope with real life outside. ‘Institutionalised’ is the description for that mindset."
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And there's this from Togo's first link:

“It is equally the threat to our precious Union: the clear risk that a no-deal exit will collapse the fragile peace settlement in Northern Ireland and... would lead to a further referendum in Scotland and the likely break-up of the UK. So, far from being a powerful independent United Kingdom making its voice heard on the world stage, the reality would be a diminished and inward-looking little England, inexorably squeezed between the emerging economic power blocs.".

Why is it that regaining national sovereignty by leaving the EU makes us "be a diminished and inward-looking little England[ers]"?

The SNP want "independence" from Westminster, don't they? An aspiration most people can understand, but I've never heard anybody talk about "diminished and inward-looking little Scotlanders"

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Nobody Mentioned No Deal

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