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It's getting worse daily.
neither are the first time nor will be the last. The fact that we are so shocked by these things demonstrates that they are NOT the norm.
Neither the world or the UK. But some criminals are sickening, yes. They don't represent everyone though.
I agree derek, sickening and what will happen to them if caught ?? A suspended sentence, a conditional discharge, the usual 'slap on the wrist' !! These thugs are laughing at the law. I'm beginning to think it will never change.
You cut off a rotten limb. They are rotten ergo!
//These thugs are laughing at the law. I'm beginning to think it will never change.//

Ah, but isn't a certain chap going to overhaul Law & Order?

Hope so.
"Great Britain"
It's not just the UK
We (Britain) need energising with a renewed sense of right and wrong. I do try to understand why people go wrong and suffer and do evil - but we have gone too far and people who do such bad things must be punished appropriately in order to establish boundaries which must not be passed. When I was young I had a knife - so did everyone - and apart from a few experiments at being 'blood-brothers' there was no violence.

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What A Sickening World Or Maybe Just The Uk

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