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mushroom25 | 18:54 Fri 16th Aug 2019 | News
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here's a report concerning a bridge near here that's been struck by road vehicles 25 times in the past year, making it the 3rd most struck bridge in England:-
(report is a few months old but was re-reported by BBC Midlands today this evening, no link to that report yet).
bridges lower than a standard height (which permit passage of the highest trailers) are all marked with the maximum permitted height of vehicles. truck drivers must be vaguely aware of the height of their vehicles. so why do bridges keep on being hit?

is it that county councils frequently provide a generous leeway and truckers believe they can often take advantage? or do truckers really not have much of a clue as to the height of their vehicles?

Network Rail contend that it's truckers responsibility not to hit bridges. Is it? or should more be done by road authorities to eliminate the obstructions to free traffic movement represented by low bridges?


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That’s nothing... watch this
The BBC report mentioned that the repairs were paid for from public funds. Surely these should be claimable against the vehicle owners/insurers.

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