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anneasquith | 11:12 Tue 13th Aug 2019 | News
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The body of a young girl been found, maybe Nora. Maybe someone would be kind enough to post a link. So tragic .


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"What do you not understand? "

It's not a case of not understanding but simply missing information.
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* that article makes it seem like a cover up * spath, can you stop writing a story in your head and sharing it with AB. Details will emerge soon enough, your speculation helps no one . RIP Nora .
Spath I can see why it is getting compared to Madeleine's case. Nora was sharing a bedroom with her two siblings, window open, Nora gone. Ditto Madeleine.
Nora's parents thought she had been abducted as they said she would never have gone off on her own. The difference here is that Nora's parents have a body, M's parents don't.
I'll do what i want.

If you read the details regarding her being found.. It makes it seem like some of the volunteers may not be as trust worthy as you should hope..

"An anonymous tip off" caused some volunteers to go to the waterfall.. a volunteer said that Norma said "I'm excited to see a waterfall"... She was found near a waterfall.. This implied to me the volunteer is trying to fabricate a scenario where Norma would wander off, but the parents have made it clear that's not the case.

You live your life and not question anything, believe all the reports.

I personally will live mine and question things.

There hasn't even been a coroners report yet.
"Nora gone. Ditto Madeleine. "

Madeline got a ridiculous amount of coverage, was never found again. There was negligence from the parents and police during investigation.

Norma got a reasonable amount of coverage, was found naked and dead in the wilderness from an anomalous tip off.

Norma is disabled and 15.. Madeline was 3.

The situations are drastically different.
4 sorry... Madeline was 4.
Oh no 3.. Ah 3 / 4
Theland she wasn't left unattended. She was in a room with her two siblings and her parents were in the house.
Also, her parents said she would never walk off. They have always thought she was taken.
Spath I gave you the similarities. I didn't say they were identical.
Another point, I read that someone, nothing to do with the search, was out walking and saw the body. This person then notified the searchers of the sighting. I don't why you are suggesting some searchers may be untrustworthy. You needn't bother to tell me though.
I am not getting into an endless circuitous argument with you.
"I don't why you are suggesting some searchers may be untrustworthy."

If i saw a dead body in the jungle i'd ring the police. I wouldn't "Tip Off" anyone.

The searchers are the people from the area... It most child abduction cases (if you knew about them) the people most inclined to help are usually those involved. It's odd a volunteer said to reporters that the girl wanted to see a waterfall. It's odd that a random person found her, and tipped off a group of volunteers. It's odd she was naked. It's odd she was next to a waterfall. It's been said they searched that area, and nothing. So the body was dumped prior.

This obviously doesn't add up. It's almost a fact that this girl was abducted and didn't just walk from her room a mile into the jungle naked to see a waterfall.

People need to be thinning about these kind of things NOW, not tomorrow, not the day after but now. That's how we never found Madeline, because it wasn't until over 24 hours later boarders were closed etc.. etc..

we must not waste any time questioning how she got there and who was involved.
"I am not getting into an endless circuitous argument with you."

Why on earth would you argue on sheer speculation?? I'm allowed to speculate and you're allowed to sit there and not reply... but you've chosen to comment. So it is futile to say ^that at the end of your comment.
The only similarities between this and Maddie McCann is that a child was abducted and killed. Nora's parents didn't abandon their kids to go to a nearby restaurant, nor did they refuse to answer questions when interviewed by the policy (as far as I know). There seems to be little indication of complicity with Nora's family. That cannot be said about the McCanns.
The fact that Nora is dead has no relevance or similarity to the McCann case. Madeline may still be alive.

You hear horrific stories of Americans being trapped in basements for decades, only to be heard by a postman.
Spath, true in so much as no body has been recovered for Maddie, but the chances of her being alive are tiny.

Still, you are correct.
I agree Mozz.

After the media coverage Madeline got, whoever had her would have been terrified how hot she became. :S
It is crystal clear that there has been foul play. How did she get there on her own? Why was she naked? Who said she was excited about swwing a waterfall? Who is the anonymous tip-off?

Let's hope the Malaysian police find the answers to these and other questions.
I see it similarly JD, but also to add to the list of facts.. Volunteers had searched that area previously. The body had been dumped after they searched it the first time.
a tragedy indeed whether it was her 'escaping' or being abducted. The fact that she was found naked is disturbing, even if she had little on to begin with. Yes, the stream could have shed her clothing or she may have peeled it off with the tropical heat - however...... and then if it's true that they had already searched the area, well that is disturbing. The post mortem results later today should help give more context to this tragedy.
all very sad and I suspect heinous activity
If someone is able to share a link to the report when it surfaces that would be beneficial.

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