Boris And The Usa Security Advisor

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needawin | 10:00 Tue 13th Aug 2019 | News
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Why is Boris Johnston meeting with the "Security Advisor" of USA.
Why is trade being discussed with a security advisor.
Trumps puppet, John Bolton", is a known warmonger and is obviously more interested in getting support for a war in Iran than buying and selling.
People wake up.


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What is there to wake up to ? Our representatives are capable of understanding what they are discussing regardless who they discuss it with. One, perhaps, ought not assume others are as oneself.
thaank you thank you for posting this
I was considering this - this very morning.

as Boris himself, the one, his eminence(*) would say or - - declaim or quote(*) - some what cacophonously to those not cognisant of forrin or ancient forrin (*)

timete Danaos dona ferentes!

for those who dont do forrin ( HI nigh !) - beware the Greeks bearing gifts..... Virgil Aeneid ( yeah yeah who dey den?)

(*) hey dig those Boris tricolons ( tricola, threesomes, groups of three)
wake up to the Latin tag - baby
there really are intellects on this site !
Grab your brain, PP. It's escaped again.
Ditto to what OG said.
Peter pedants brain has not just escaped Naomi it’s running amok,he is definitely getting worse .
Question Author
Time will tell. Just seen on BBC news that I am not the only one thinking this way. I'll get back to you when it happens.
with american support, it might make the eu give us a btter deal, rather then a hard brexit, that might hurt them as well, have to wait and see..
There is a conspiracy theory in everything - if you look hard enough.
You saw it on the aBBC News? Must be true, then. ;-)
"Peter pedants brain" ??
All those that wanted out of Europe will find we're part of the US soon
Question Author
So a full 48 hours has passed since the meeting between Boris and the "trade secretary" John Bolton.
A US trade deal is imminent we are told.
Strange that after such a short time lapse the US are demanding that the UK give "no release" for the Gibraltar held oil tanker.
The first of many demands that the doubters will see.

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Boris And The Usa Security Advisor

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