Woman Was Arrested And Charged With Controlling Behaviour

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wolf63 | 09:09 Thu 27th Jun 2019 | News
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The law of this land can be very strange at times. This is a major non-crime that nearly got to court.


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There must be more to this than reported. The CPS states they had sufficient evidence but a key witness pulled out at the last minute.

// Valerie said she's had "14 months of hell" and thinks "it's outrageous this ever got to court" //

It didn't get to Court did it?

// This week the case collapsed just minutes before the trial was due to start //
//Police were called to their home in April 2018 after Jobcentre staff noticed Michael's mood had changed and he blamed it on his home life.//

Job Centre staff called the police? What a weird story!
Looks like a misuse of the law.
I feel sorry for her.

Obviously her husband is a struggle.
From the Sun

//The case was listed for trial at Teesside crown court on Tuesday but was dismissed before a jury was sworn in. Valerie’s not guilty plea was accepted in return for a two-year restraining order.//

So nagging is now a criminal offence! How many millions of women would have been up in court throughout the ages?
Our judicial system has gone crazy.If the court accepted a not guilty plea, why was she issued with a restraining order.
From the Act:-
There are two ways in which it can be proved that A's behaviour has a 'serious effect' on B:

If it causes B to fear, on at least two occasions, that violence will be used against them - s.76 (4)(a); or
If it causes B serious alarm or distress which has a substantial adverse effect on their day-to-day activities - s.76 (4) (b). How did any of this fit the circumstances,
Ena Sharples would be cob smacked.
Question Author
roopower - I don't think that Frankie could work out how to get into a sachet. Yet he did grab one out of my hand this morning so who knows?
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sorry about that - not sure what went wrong.
I think its often the same when a new and complex legal concept comes into being. Non physical abuse (gaslighting) does happen and people need to be protected but those who make arrest and prosecution decisions seem to need some bedding in time in order to get those decisions right. In this case if a concern was brought to the police's attention along with an apparently credible witness, its easy to see how a disfunctional relationship could be confused with an abusive one.
It's all because right on campaigners complained that not enough 'domestic violence' reports were ending in prosecution.
The CPS introduced a positive action policy that effectively ended the ability of the Police to sort things out meaning that thousands of people have had action taken against them for everyday minor quarrels, both men and women.
since nobody has the faintes idea what the evidence was, it seems rather pointless announcing who was right or wrong, or whether the case was properly brought or not.

Perhaps online divorce should be available for people who meet online.
shoota have you got evidence for your claim that " thousands of people have had action taken against them for everyday minor quarrels, both men and women."?
The last few years of my Police service were as office manager of a domestic violence and sexual crimes unit.
I have no figures but speak from experience.
This'll be the same laws that got that murderess off with murder recently.
It was very popular on here as I recall.
//It wasn't attractive. It was like cuddling an ironing board.//

I thought there were more pressing matters to attend to ;-)
You crease me up...

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Woman Was Arrested And Charged With Controlling Behaviour

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