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//Or are they just using this tragedy to further their election hopes with more Trump bashing?//
It’s a bit below the belt. They seem to be lowering themselves to Trump’s level.
No, it isn't right - but it's not unexpected.
If someone takes on a risky and life threatening venture then they have to accept the consequences.

No doubt there are lots of Trump policies that are deeply unpopular.

That doesn't make him accountable for incidents like this tragic that they are.
many people on AB seem to think it's right to criticise the mayor of London over the frequent stabbings there (even though he doesn't control policing). How is this different?
Jno, these people were attempting to enter the USA illegally. Trump is not responsible for their choices.

//The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, is responsible for setting policing and crime priorities for London…//

Perhaps Khan doesn’t consider stabbings a priority.
Question Author

/// many people on AB seem to think it's right to criticise the mayor of London over the frequent stabbings there (even though he doesn't control policing). How is this different? ///

Because President Trump is addressing the US immigration problem, whereas Sadiq Khan is doing nothing about London's rising stabbing crimes.

/// President Donald Trump plans to admit no more than 45,000 refugees from around the world in fiscal year 2018, a significant drop from the cap of 110,000 set for 2017 by predecessor Barack Obama. ///
If blame is to be allocated, and I don't think it's useful, then it should be placed on the individual who irresponsibly risked their, and their offspring's life trying to get where they had no permission to go; and fatally lost that gamble.

It is a separate issue to whether the USA treats illegal immigrants correctly.
Another illustration of the Democrats(left wing) false outrage and hypocrisy. They were not publicising pictures and highlighting the deaths of illegal immigrants when Obama was in office. Guess who was Obamas main man when it was happening on his watch. Yep, Joe Biden who is now running to be POTUS. Hundreds, and I do mean hundreds, died whilst illegally trying to cross the borders and not a peep from the Dems then. They fail to realise though, that despite what our main news outlets would like to portray, the American voter is not stupid. This ploy of whistle blowing and gas lighting is all going horribly wrong. The voters saw through it some years ago, and just like here in Europe and Britain, have stopped falling for the misinformation and manipulation programme.
It may be worth remembering that when Trump called the illegal immigration caravans a crisis that the Democrats to a man(and woman) howled that there was no such thing. That it was a "manufactured crisis" whipped up by Trump and the wicked Republicans. They are now saying that it is a crisis and obviously feel that sufficient time has elapsed to blame it on Trump thereby distancing themselves, the real culprits, from blame. A left wing tactic that is as old as the left wing itself.
Has nobody on here heard The Donald loudly state that the whole of all the circumstances is the fault of the Democrats ? Is it right for Trump to..... ?
I've never heard him say that, Karl.
More smudging the lines and facts Naomi. What Trump has blamed on the Dems is the lack of funding to effectively control, and thereby dissuade the illegal immigrants from making the journey, the borders. They have blocked all attempts to pass the funding bills in Senate, and are now blaming Trump for...……….lack of border control. Notice any pattern?
I wish that the root cause of the migrants wanting to leave their countries could be tackled. The gang culture forcing poor and vulnerable people to commit unspeakable acts of violence and making them join the gangs. Initiation ceremonies where they have to commit murder. Rapes,drugs, alcohol. No wonder the people want to seek a better life for themselves and their families. The root cause of any problem though seems to be the last thing to be considered.
^^^^^They need to stop the blame game and start working together to find a solution.
The root cause is in the hands of the authorities from wence they came. Outside countries need a reason to invade and sort out poorly run ones, otherwise it's frowned upon.
Quite right andres, but how do the Americans stop the millions of immigrants from the countries like El Salvador and Venezuela from setting off on the journey to their borders. Certainly not by encouraging them to with billions of dollars in funding to ease the journey as the Democrats have proposed. Proposed instead of Trump's attempt at gaining funding to secure the borders and crossing points. The plain fact is that, like here, the left wing see the immigrants as a future voting block and indeed want them to make the journey to better guarantee that they are never voted out of office. It cannot end well.
naomi, Khan has set stabbings as a priority. However, he has no say over budgets or personnel: that's the Home Secretary's job. If he thinks the commissioner isn't up to the job, or there aren't enough police on the beat, the mayor can do nothing about it. But somehow people prefer to blame the Labour mayor rather than the Tory who's actually in charge. Thus the deaths are politicised.
// However, he has no say over budgets or personnel: that's the Home Secretary's job.//

More errant nonsense. If that is the case how was Khan able to give an additional £15 million investment to New Scotland Yard to tackle London's knife crime culture. A move that, at the time in 2018, criticised as mere window dressing whilst Khan blames everyone but the knife wielders, or himself for being ineffectual. Livingstone, with all his faults, did not have these problems. Neither did Johnson. Khan is the problem and his problem is an attitude one. Surprise surprise.
jno is blinkered the the left wing, we all know that togo and continually twists facts and misses others out to suite jno's agenda.

To answer the OP, as others have already put, it's the usual left wing Dems being hypocrites.

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