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albaqwerty | 23:40 Wed 26th Jun 2019 | News
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I think he's right.
Go for a meal with your child(ren) go to a child-friendly pub.
I don't think his rules are over the top having seen a child suffer a very nasty accident running around and colliding with the edge of a bench, head-first.

I'd have taken my children there, would you?


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// I'd have taken my children there, would you?//

I wd take your children wherever you told me to - ter daah !
you mean that you wouldnt a taken your delighful offspring there dont you ?

this is AB at night so it could be either

Good on him, would definitely go there if I lived near.
We have always insisted the children stay at the table and not run about, of course children are very sociable too and may spy a family with a dog etc on the way back from the loo and stop for a chat and get pounced on for an infringement.

For that reason I'd leave this one to the adults to enjoy.
Question Author
PP, I knew I could have phrased it better lol

Mamya, I can see your point, I hope he wouldn't be as strict as that tho, but one never knows.
True, but once faced with a list of rules it does make you think you may be best moving on - not a problem.
Is the consensus that brats should be allowed by their parents to run around in a public space upsetting people who don't have brats? Or ought they be constrained from doing so?

As usual the moral confusions and juggling skills needed to work this out is proving difficult for some.
I didn't have brats or Grand brats but polite chatty sociable children.
Alba, I think he’s right too. People who allow their children to wander around or run about in restaurants are teaching them nothing – apart from how to behave anti-socially.
I agree. I was raised in a non child friendly pub and I wasn't allowed to run about.

There are so many pubs to choose from nowadays who welcome and cater for children. Regardless though, children need to learn to sit still and wait for their meals.
Totally agree with the rules. I see one of the mums quoted as saying having the children sit down all the down puts unfair stress on the parents? As the guy says, there are those who bring children into pubs and immediately relinquish all parental responsibility. Yet those same parents wouldn't hesitate to give their solicitors a bell should anything befall little Johnny or Matilda. Surely there are places nearby where children have been allocated designated 'play areas'?
Meals out with kids and grandkids. We take drawing pads and crayons etc. They are allowed to go to the toilet one at a time. They are of an age when they chose what they want to eat. No fizzy drinks and no dessert unless they have clean plates.
I agree, ummmm. Children should be taught that there are certain places where they are expected to behave themselves and just do as their parents say. Body-swerving a child while balancing a full tray of drinks at a wedding reception is one thing - and is the norm. Having to do the same when having a Sunday lunch is another.
Teaching them to socialise calmly and politely stands both you and them in good stead.

As said there are many establishments for letting off steam if you prefer.
did anyone else find PP's opening post questioning the transparency of Alba's post amusing?

Well done that Pub, there should be more of them imo. A Pub should be an adult environment not a playground.
No, a pub should be able to choose who they welcome.

Ah, my Stalker is about early today, 'morning ummmm ;o)
Years ago, many pubs had notices like this. Plus....parents knew to keep their kids at heel (poor phrase but you know what I mean) or they’d be kicked out.
I think it's fair. Nothing worse than little kids running around when trying to have a relaxing meal.
I remember a little boy and girl running around all the tables bothering people and the parent were quite oblivious, knocking back their drinks!

Parental responsibility, wos dat den?

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