No Wonder The Saucepans Are All Snowflakes....

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ToraToraTora | 14:42 Wed 26th Jun 2019 | News
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So Paris closes schools because it's too hot, we often close them because a bit of snow fell. What is going on? I never missed a school day, ever, because of weather. Too hot? My April, they go to school every day in hotter places.


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TTT when did you ever go to school in a temperature of 104F ?
We got crocked home regularly but not frequently in primary school because of fog in London and the schools closed in 62/63 when everywhere froze. I can remember being given work and being told to stay home for transport strikes as well.
Last year over 15,000 people in France died from overheating.
Sorry.. not last year silly me!

"Comparisons are being drawn to the heat wave France experienced in August 2003 - in which almost 15,000 people died. In the space of a single month, the top three temperatures ever recorded were all set, topping out at 44.1C on 12 August."
It's the wrong sort of heat.
Did you mouth off like that at this school that never closed?
I was at school during the bad winter of 1962/3. Our school never closed once. We had a handful (probably no more than five) early finishes (3pm instead of 3.40pm) when it was snowing heavily in the afternoon. I can recall a small number of similar early finishes for fog at various times. We were expected to get from Islington (the school) to Totteridge for games (football on a rock hard pitch) or to Kew for rowing (ice on the floating jetty whilst carrying an "eight" was interesting). No, we didn't go to school in 104 degrees - but I can wager we would have been required to do so if it had occurred. Part of the philosophy of my excellent school was to instill in us that we had to get on with things regardless of what life threw at us. Throwing our hands in the air in despair was not an option.
TTT, these are freakishly high temperatures even for traditionally hot countries.
Question Author
danny, we went to school regardless, we where never sent home because of weather. If it was that hot, I guarantee we'd be in school.
Is it in case the snowlakes all melt and ruin la plum de ma tant? to say nothing of badly marking le bureau de mon oncle and making le papier de mon oncle all soggy?
no school in the UK would operate above 32 degrees celsius.

You have to think of workers rights (yeah i know you didn't have them when you were at school) for the teachers regarding suitable working environments.
My school closed in the winter of 1947 because nobody good travel until massive snow drifts were cleared.
TTT is volunteering to go and teach every french child under the shade of an oak tree in 42 degree heat. He'd be fine.
for 6 hours, may i add.
Very much doubt that it is ever the kids’ decision to shut schools - that’s a grown ups job.
So you haven't actually experienced a 104F temperature?

So those who would have gone to school if the weather had been that hot, now's your chance to do so as an adult.

(strewth, some folk!)
Question Author
yes I have danny.
//now's your chance to do so as an adult. //

I wish. currently in the west midlands, and outside it's a scorchio 14 degrees. never thought i'd still be wearing a fleece after the solstice.
Imagine sitting in a classroom at 30 degrees let alone 40.

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No Wonder The Saucepans Are All Snowflakes....

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