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Some people don't actually consider race as a factor in every day to day life. I know if I didn't come onto AB then i wouldn't even think about race even 1/20th as i currently do.

I think the guys a mug for saying that. It's not something to comment on. The act of commenting on it, in today's age, is odd in itself.. let along trying to talk on behalf of the entire human population.
It's certainly true. (for most people)
most people over the age of 40 maybe.
My race is embarrassing.. .constantly talking about race as if it's a defining factor of anything.
oops, was that racist?
The statement is simply untrue.....

If I went into a room that contained a mixture of men and women I would tend to gravitate towards a group of women and sit or stand with them. It's not that I prefer women's company to men's but I think it is mainly an instinctive move.

If the situation was an older person entering a room I am sure that he/she would stand/sit in a group that they felt were similar to their own.

No: it is an opinion about other peoples' opinion.
I agree with the person who tweeted this : People generally prefer to live and function within communities that are familiar to them.
Not racist, I think.
It's an opinion which, at the time of typing is still allowed.
I'm sure our leaders movers and shakers have ideas in place to change that eventually though.

I opine that Morrisey is a bit of a breast but there you go.
I think there is a lot of truth in it. That's why towns have certain quarters, like part of London is called Chinatown and New York has its Italian (downtown Manhattan for one) Quarters for instance, to name just a couple.
Perhaps I should make it clear I don't think it's racist at all.
I suspect it's usually the case, but only because one is familiar with one's own race and can feel awkward and feel like they stick out like a sore thumb, amongst another. Ulimatately that feeling disappears, or at least reduces, once one gets to know individuals. Very different cultures are more difficult to be at ease with.
No. It’s nationalism. It’s a slightly different concept, AOG which, as you can’t get your head around racism, will no doubt flummox you even more.
I was in the Far East last year and never once felt awkward, out of place or unwelcome.
Cus ur not a racist zacs.
Spath ;-)
Would it be racist for a white man to admit that he doesnt find black women attractive?
Yes, I personally think so.

It's defining all black women as being not attractive because they are black. That may be his personal preference, which is totally fair enough however it's implying white women are superior beauty wise.

All women are beautiful, black, white, Asian and any other.. It has no reflection on beauty.

In my opinion a man who says he doesn't find black women attractive is either shallow, or hasn't seen many black women in real life.

If it's racist is certainly debatable.. but i think it's deffo on the lines.

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