The Most Biased B B C Programme Ever ?

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Spicerack | 21:08 Tue 18th Jun 2019 | News
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Our Next Prime Minister BBC1@9pm


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The BBC are well past their sell by date, they should be completely scrapped and rethunked. IMO.
10:07 Wed 19th Jun 2019
Question Author
1 Left Wing Activist (or Tory voter, as the Beeb called them) after another asking Left Wing questions.
Mateless with her pre-prepared hit pieces for Boris and then talking over him constantly.
Good Ad for the Brexit Party, though.
No link, Spice?
I thought it was a shambles with folk talking over each other including Emily Maitlis and she was not very good at dealing with them.

They should have had a longer period with a set time for each to answer the individual questions.
BTW, any chance you could drop the constant rude nicknames? Makes you sound like a prat, and I'm sure you're not.
I did note that Boris had been warned by JRM , IDS , Old Uncle Tom Tory and all , to keep it Buttoned , otherwise you will not be our Muppet . We are your Ventriloquists .
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You either watched the programme or you didn't Ath.
If you're seriously interested it should be on BBCi some time.
Emily Maitlis was an embarrassment. The whole thing was cringeworthy.
They needed Brian Blessed presenting the programme!
Mamya's link is live now.
Emily M is getting a mauling in the DM.
Even if it had been the most civilised, even handed discussion it would be a waste of time as the vast majority arrive with set views and are unshakable.
The genie can't be put back in the bottle, debate is dead.
What has it got to do with the Beep Beep See anyway? Who do they think they are? Pravda? They are not funded by the "licence fee" to steer political influence, just entrusted(the trust is long gone) to occasionally report on events in a long forgotten, unbiased, fashion.
Emily Maitlis was not good. They needed a heavyweight - John Humphries or someone of that ilk. I gave up after 20 mins. and did other things (trying to work out how to get a flower arrangement in a mustard jar was more beguiling).
There was a Brexit Party voter in that lot, I'm not sure how you can go on about it being one left-wing activist after another.

I don't think it did many of the candidates any real favours, but then of course my views don't matter.
Ought to be in the Jokes section, Spicerack. Which of those do you trust to deliver Brexit in any real sense?

The first - and best - question was "How do you propose to leave the EU in October without the consent of Parliament". This question never got answered and the slightly duller half of the comedy duo Witless and Wark didn't seem able or willing to force the issue.

The nadir of the show was the Muslim plant (showing that Rent-a-Scarf do beards and silly hats as well as all forms of the veil) talking about "words having consequences", a reference to the letter-box joke when Johnson was defending the "right" of Islam's second class citizens to wear the burqa. A "hug your Muslim neighbour" love-fest followed in which all five of the clowns threw incense on the sacred altar of Muslim victimhood, and Javid, whom I'd previously respected, asking his fellow candidates if they would make a commitment to organising an investigation into "Islamophobia" if they became the next PM. All the other four wimped along with this nonsense, throwing away a golden opportunity to enhance their chances by asserting the obvious truth that the main cause of "Islamophobia" is not Tory bigotry, but Muslim supremacists.
What nonsense. Islamophobia is by definition an illegitimate and irrational hatred of Muslims. It's when you shout at people you don't know, and treat them as subhuman, just for what religion they follow or even for how they look. It's quite right that it is universally and unconditionally condemned, and quite shameful that you're looking for excuses to justify it.
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It's a made up word to stop any and all criticism of Islam.
I dedicate this number to all participants;
Question Author
I wanted a whinging purple-haired NHS worker for a full house.
But they threw in that gormless, brain-washed kid who wanted to stop the weather in 6 years, instead. ;-(
//What nonsense. Islamophobia is by definition an illegitimate and irrational hatred of Muslims//

Well, that's some people's (deliberately) contrived definition. My definition is "a legitimate and rational" hatred of a fascist ideology which Islam certainly, and cast in the same mould as the fascist ideologies of the twentieth century.

I would hope you would join me in condemning those, wouldn't you?

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The Most Biased B B C Programme Ever ?

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