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Jackdaw33 | 18:36 Tue 18th Jun 2019 | News
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Boris 80 votes ahead of Hunt


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Yep, Boris is on target to come second :-)
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Javid scraped in with the minimum number of votes needed to survive.
Did Boris 'lend' votes to Hunt in this round.
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Hunt has made no progress in this round.
Unfortunate. He was one of the few with the guts to state he'd consider suspending parliament to allow the people's decision to be delivered. Worse, the candidate that wants no-deal off the table, and a continuation of pushing May's failed deal, remains one of the two who scraped through this round. Sad day, but tomorrow is another day.
how do you work that out gromit?
Diane Abbot told him.
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Yes, OG, nice one. Hunt and Gove seem to be making very little progress, if any. Boris has it in the bag.
Just hope Boris has had a Micro Chip Fitted, to retrieve him when he gets lost.PMSL.
//Did Boris 'lend' votes to Hunt in this round. //

Was the vote that enabled Javid to scrape through a postal vote? (^_*)
Boris is the only one with a muslim ggdad - he's bagged it ;D
He should draw a veil over that.

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