Exam Question Upsets Students

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Cloverjo | 11:03 Wed 12th Jun 2019 | News
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After the fuss about a GCSE question regarding an extract from a book in which a rape is committed, we now have this.

What do you think? My thoughts are ***!
I know eating disorders are terrible things - I’ve suffered from one myself - but is this slightly pathetic?


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Is there anything that doesn't upset these delicate flowers? How did we cope with under-age relationships in Romeo and Juliet and many other issues raised in Shakespeare?
People using a question as a reason or excuse to not do the exam. Pathetic.

If they really are that upset, that they're walking out risking their entire GCSE's over the question, then maybe they need to be in a special mental home, where nothing can upset or offend them.
Social media strikes again...
I’m slightly more worried that that was thought to be a suitably difficult maths GCSE question!
There's nothing wrong with youngsters today...that a kick up the *** couldn't sort out.
If i was present when this happened, the person(s) who left the exam hall would have failed the exam, no second chances.
I'd be more offended on how they spelt "yoghurt"
It's yogurt, bro...
Yoghurt for me...
I'm sorry your yog hurt.
I enjoy yo gurt without my yog hurting
I blame American spell-checkers, Prudie. ;-)
I think if spath had his way we'd call it yoggo :-)
We certainly would. Or Yoggie.

It's simple maths. One must not go around pandering to "snowflakes". They'll encounter a lot more to feel upset about once they're left the cossetted school environment and gone out into the real world. Catering for them now won't prepare them for it.
gawd help us if we ever have to call on these snowflakes.
(1) It's not "slightly" pathetic - it is totally, bedwettingly*, pathetic.
(2) I'm staggered a question that easy is a GCSE Maths question.
(3) It's Yoghurt - we're not American.
(4) That's hardly what I'd call a breakfast.

*hope that doesn't upset any people who wet the bed.
Yeo Valley would find that a debatable point.

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Exam Question Upsets Students

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