Exam Question Upsets Students

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Cloverjo | 11:03 Wed 12th Jun 2019 | News
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After the fuss about a GCSE question regarding an extract from a book in which a rape is committed, we now have this.

What do you think? My thoughts are ***!
I know eating disorders are terrible things - I’ve suffered from one myself - but is this slightly pathetic?


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Test questions
a)"If you get a fail on your exam paper because you walked out due to seeing an unrelated problem which only existed in your own head, what are your chances of getting any kind of job or university place?"

b)"What do you say to a potential job interviewer about your reasoning for failing the exam?"

The world won't bend over backwards (can you say that out loud anymore without offending contortionists?) to help you.
You certainly won't be doing yourself any favours.
Please try to retain some kind of grip on reality.
Only one person walked out. The others had their concentration affected, apparently. Others also took to complain on social media.

"“My sister is a recovering anorexic who had to leave the exam due to this,” one young woman posted."

What do calories have to do with anorexia? Calories is simply a measurement of energy required to increase 1 gram of water by 1 degree celsius. It's like getting offended over the word grams or stone(s) because you use to only weigh a certain amount.

While driving home, the student concerned came up against a red traffic light. Objecting to such treatment as too upsetting, she got out of the car and walked away.
the idea that eating disorders are all in the imagination is one I thought we'd outgrown. Appasrently not; sufferers should just get a grip on themselves
"Setting a GCSE question about calories shows a profound ignorance of a deadly illness"

LOL, that is pathetic.

Issue is, if you can't count calories, you might become obese. It's a fine line, and you can fall off either side.

This makes me hate people. It really does.
just to clarify.. not ABers!
your post came two minutes after mine, spath.

You didn't read past the headline, did you?

Short attention span is also a problem these days.

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Exam Question Upsets Students

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