Exam Question Upsets Students

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Cloverjo | 11:03 Wed 12th Jun 2019 | News
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After the fuss about a GCSE question regarding an extract from a book in which a rape is committed, we now have this.

What do you think? My thoughts are ***!
I know eating disorders are terrible things - I’ve suffered from one myself - but is this slightly pathetic?


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This from MAcdonalds web site

Generally, we recruit on qualities not qualifications for our crew positions; anybody with the right attitude and commitment to providing the best in customer service is welcome to apply for a position with us
spath, that's about management training.

From the website you provided these are the minimum requirements to work at McDonalds.

//To apply for a job as a Crew Member, you'll need to have finished secondary school and be legally allowed to work in the UK.//
My point is.. just because someone works at McDonlads, don't assume it's because they don't have their English maths and science GCSE.

There is no shame at all in "Burger Flipping" and people who take the time to look down their noses at McDonlads workers should think twice before they assume they're more qualified, or educated than anyone else.
spath, there is no shame in burger flipping if that's what you want to do or if your lack of qualifications restrict your choices, but it's not really a job for the young to aspire to, is it.
And i'm not saying that was what YMB was doing by the way.. McDonalds workers notoriously get a lot of stick, but McDonalds don't hire any old willy nilly. I applied, had grade C across the board, didn't get accepted even for an interview.
"but it's not really a job for the young to aspire to, is it."

If you can find 5/10 young people who know what they aspire to do, then i'll give you my hat.

In my experience, most people have no idea what they wish to peruse in life, so jobs like retail, McDonalds, supermarkets make nice starter jobs, and they also offer solid career paths.
But no, it's not.
// How did we cope with under-age relationships in Romeo and Juliet and many other issues raised in Shakespeare//

yeah and in another play - incitement to mairder
first of all - lets kill all the lawyers
( henry VI )

or mairder on stage - Hamlet and off stage child murder - Macbeth

some ABers must be apoplectic
luckily when I did dead end holiday jobs
the others encouraged - for gods sake go to uni and dont be like us !
dead end boring jobs with low pay
is anything different forty years later ?
Is nobody here capable of critical thought? The Times did not even speak to anybody who was offended, simply read on social media that an unnamed person said their sister walked out.

No wonder people think Breitbart and the Daily Mail are credible sources, if this is how far The Times has sunk.
JF85, most of the papers seem to be carrying the story.
Priti - is that a glue? Valid exam question for todays grazers.
Nah. It's a politician. Did I pass?
"most of the papers seem to be carrying the story"

Oh. It must be rock solid truth then. Mind you, Tommy Robinson belongs to the same school of journalism. "This woman told me that the Moslem kid had murdered sixty people and that's why the brave patriot made him drink water."

How long since we were laughing at a couple of scallies who had a winning scratch card but couldn't 'name the source'? Maybe it's just the Times who have to protect the identity of the person who claimed their sibling walked out of a maths exam because there was a maths question. No doubt Jo Brand would douse them with battery acid if identified.
JF85, oh so it isn't true. Okay ....
Well, that answers my question on capacity for critical thought anyway.
JF85, I haven't answered your question - I've simply responded to your sarcasm. Tell me where your question is and I'll have a bash at answering it.
(0.6 × 84) + (1.5 × 87) is simple maths.
Arguably it's darn close to 'mental arithmetic'.

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Exam Question Upsets Students

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