Is Andrew Marr The Worst Political Interviewer On Tv?

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ToraToraTora | 09:43 Sun 19th May 2019 | News
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I thought Last week was a special effort with St Nigel but he's had Vince Cable, Chukka Umunna and Agent Cob on this morning. All he seems to do is look up past examples of things they have said and compare them with today's versions. Andrew, circumstances change and views change with them. The Viewer is interested in the subjects of the time try addressing that. He's probably the most prolific abuser of AH's "so" - rule.


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You say views change
That has not stopped you in using someone's past views to attack them , has it ?
Question Author
Baz, what has changed that should have changed my view ?
There is no doubt that people should be called out on past utterings and asked to explain what has changed in their minds but that should be tempered with what is going on now.

He should be careful he doesn’t lose credibility.

To be fair I haven’t seen his interviews with Vince. cable or Chukka Umunna or Corbyn so don’t know what he said or how they reacted.

But the principal is the same.
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he's interviewing wee jimmy now!
“Agent COB”

“Circumstances change and views change with them”

Signed: A Marr ;-)
Glad I'm not watching. Al those mentioned make my blood boil.
Question Author
I don't understand ich, nothing has changed about the agent Cob situation.
Ah :-)
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Days before the election
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5 remainers
The aBBC doesn't even pretend anymore.
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What would the O.P Think if he was referred to as Agent Nob?.

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Is Andrew Marr The Worst Political Interviewer On Tv?

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