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It seems some have more of an issue over what i’ve said, than what Carl said. That says a lot.
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A bit of friendly advice spath before this thread gets canned by the powers that be: don’t respond to trolls - and to be fair saying effectively that Carl Benjamin effectively deserves not to be alive just takes the the focus away from the original point and gives people a stick to beat you with.
Question Author
Perhaps it’s true that when certain men cannot win an argument against a woman, they will introduce jokes (and sometimes - although not in this particular case) actual threats of rape.

I wonder if it’s merely a diversionary tactic, like when people ignore an argument and attempt to reframe the narrative to suit their own agenda?
Question Author
Thank you ichkeria - I’ve noticed that recently certain posters have trashed threads because they’ve elected to get involved in slanging matches.

You’re right - they’re best ignored.

Who are these 'TROLLS' that you rudely refer to?

Could it be those who take an opposite view to some others also those who happen to criticise some posters for what they have posted?

Obviously you do not know what debating is all about.
well it wont help but it was made 3 years ago, why has it come up now?
He does look uncannily like Matteo Salvini, Mr Benjamin :-)
//well it wont help but it was made 3 years ago, why has it come up now?//

It wasn't just three years ago. He's still doing it:

Here is the video (you can find the full one elsewhere on youtube):

As for 'why now' - he only joined UKIP last year, and wasn't a candidate for election until now. Before that he was just an internet troll who made money with crappy reaction videos.
I think it may have come up now because of Mr Benjamin’s high profile as a candidate in the Euro elections (see also below). The background being that when Ms Phillips had highlighted the number of threats of rape she’d had from twitter morons, he said that he wouldn’t even ... well you know ...
Then compounded it more recently by saying he might be tempted in certain circumstances.
Whether you blame social media for this partly I’m not sure. It probably has to be up UKIP to ban him, but their leader is either too weak or complaisant with his views to do anything.
that is awful to joke about it
this thread must GO immediately
the one I started OK it was in French which not even the mods understand, it seems - about firemen in gay Paree - actually DOING it !
and that went down the tube within three seconds !
OK they must do - a leedol ( mods understand French)

completely disgusting !
off wiv dare heddz
Some people don't get the time of day PP
// Who are these 'TROLLS' that you rudely refer to? //
o god Trollope - Eustace Diamonds

what is this Trojan horse the Greeks and Romans fight over

Lizzie learns to read a little more if she is going to interject in a mens discussion

as for Mr Benjamin's one liner - 'I wouldnt attack her '

and then ( disgustingly) OK I might if you ply me with drink....

is strangely reminiscent of Oscar Wilde and his trial - and did you kiss the stable boy - oh no he was far too ugly!
(oops!) 1894

and Jack benny - the rats in my room are so thin they are throwing themselves on the mouse traps !

and the next night:
I said last night: the rats in my room are so thin they are throwing themselves on the mouse traps !
the management has complained and so I apologise
the rats - arent !

what DID happen to my thread on those naughty naughty firemen ?
few wot dat tooopeee talk abat den?
Exactly PP, the guy implies he is a rapist, and that he rapes people, but he uses this as an offensive slur, saying he "wouldn't even rape Jess". This implies he does rape other women, regularly.
All this rubbish about a person making a jokingly comment.

I wonder how many persons openly said at the time "I could murder that Maggi Thatcher"?

Isn't murdering someone a much more serious crime than rape?
"All this rubbish about a person making a jokingly comment. "

It's not a jokingly comment. A jokingly comment is fine. What isn't is making rape seem like a suitable topic for joke. Disgraceful.

Regarding Magi, different times, and we can't prove anyone said that and we certainly can't prove anyone with political ambition said that. This however, is black and white boom, there it is.
UKIP did badly because they are a bunch of racist morons !!
That's right, Eddie. Tell them about the morning after the referendum when they were telling your local Asian shopkeepers they had to go 'cos we won Brexit'.
I love that story.

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