Tragedy In Cyprus

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retrocop | 17:55 Sat 27th Apr 2019 | News
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Tragic as these serial murders are why the hell are British detectives been despatched to help the Greek police. Our own domestic knife crimes and looney demonstrators are already overtaxing a under resourced police force in the UK.
The last time British Police were in Cyprus the Eoka were trying to kill them all and get them off the Island. That was about 1955 and my father was one of that police contingent.
If they need assistance then it is about time they mended bridges with Turkey who walked into Cyprus as a result of 'Union with Greece' belligerence.


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I don't know how international cooperation between Police Forces works, all I know is those going out are described as 'experts'.

Perhaps someone else does know.
At a guess I'd suggest the UK police are considered superior in true detective work, they are brought in to help in lots of areas of the world. The reason they can't do much about what's going on here is their hands are tied, they probably know who's doing a lot of the London crimes and can do sweet all about it.
Perhaps it was their turn for a paid holiday.
Should have sent Retro out there , he would have soon cracked the case.
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Keep working on trying to crack a joke gullible.
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It's hard to believe he beat 1,000,000 other sperm.
Not the only one making inappropriate comments.
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Do you think serial killings are rather tragic in foreign climes (Cyprus. That's Foreign) and should British Police scant resources sent over to try solve them considering the Cypriot authorities already have a suspect banged up?
19.23 Ah, I see we now have the Walmington on Sea Platoon on board. I am watching you on BBC 2 at this very Moment Baldric.
This was a genuine although tragic news post. Destroyed in just a few posts. Well done boys .
Par for the course. I was in Barbados when 53 policemen came to stay in our hotel on their way to other Caribbean islands after the hurricane in 2017. They were going there to sort out the lawlessness that had ensued. I guess they were the best people for the job.
I don't see the problem with it. Modern investigations often require such a vast array of niche expertise that it simply isn't feasible to have (say) a 'suitcase expert' on hand in every single national police force. When the FBI started its Behavioral Sciences Unit, it frequently sent agents abroad as consultants because other countries didn't have equivalents yet. Likewise UK forensics often relies on findings from 'corpse farms' in the US because there aren't nearly as many here for all kinds of reasons.

I think it's pretty petty to complain about 'resources' for this kind of thing tbh. We share expertise, we can get it back. Criminal investigation seems like one area where the case for international co-operation is unanswerable.

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Tragedy In Cyprus

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