Why Do We Indulge These Morons?

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ToraToraTora | 13:58 Wed 17th Apr 2019 | News
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Just let the train pull out, they'd soon un glue themselves.


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Doesnt glue give off fumes that are bad for the enviornment? The solvent does too!

Plonkers of the first order.

Easy way to get them of, throw bars of soap at them or start washing the carriage.

Yes COB's got it now. Don't they like Marxists now or something?

Perhaps they should go down his allotment and eat all his carrots?
I heard on the news that Sturgeon is supporting them!
Politicians are painted in a bad light if they don't support it. (eco warriors that is)
When I was a young man the thought of getting a CRO number scared me witless. I was worried that it would ruin any further job prospects. Obviously this consideration does not apply to these morons.
I imagine none of these half wits have considered , God forbid, a towering inferno type incident occurring in St Thomas’s hospital just across the bridge they are blocking. Emergency services obstructed and evacuation of patients hindered and delayed.
"Politicians are painted in a bad light if they don't support it"

I'd suggest that actually with this lot they are painted in a bad light if they do support it. (eco warriors that is)
Retro because we live in the age of no religion or respect. People don't fear for consequences if they're not direct this day and age. peeps too busy livin in the moment ennit.
I doubt it very much Retro.

They share a brain cell it seems, probably their excuse for not working like the rest of us.
Only a certain section of society Spath.

In a way they have always been there, think hippies, punk rockers etc.
ymb. /Don't they like Marxists now or something? //

They //said they supported him [Corbyn .... who'd a guessed?] but wanted the Labour Party to go further than declaring a "climate emergency".//
Well they dont have to worry.

When COB gets the keys to No10 (not long now thanks to Treason) the country will collapse so they will get their way.

Wont be any brass to pay their dole but hey, cant have everything can you :-)
How many of these idiots have an electric car?? How many have a high carbon footprint?
I don't agree with this protest, nothing and I mean nothing will halt this climate change!!

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Why Do We Indulge These Morons?

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