Easter Chocolate Duckings Now Deemed Racist.

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anotheoldgit | 11:47 Tue 09th Apr 2019 | News
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I might as well ask, why did Waitrose choose to include two dark chocolate one's and only one white one, oh dear, oh dear.


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There once was an ugly duckling with feathers all stubby and brown. Aww go on. Tis the season of hot cross bunnies.
Only one white because, milk chocolate, Dark chocolate and white chocolate are the three standard chocolates.

Over sensitivity.. if you compare a chocolate duck to racism then god help us all. Next thing Easter eggs will have to be all colours not to upset anyone.
A teal one would be nice ;-)
Absolutely pathetic, and rather stupid, very stupid complaint to make. The woman's not even aware there are 3 classic types of chocolate.
read the article! slightly silly to label the dark chocolate one (or indeed any of them) "ugly" I mean they might as well have put up a sign saying "if you want to be offended look here"
Good grief.
There aint enough bubble wrap in the world for some people.
waitrose should have labelled the white one as ugly, then we wouldn't be having this pointless conversation

Racist? No, insensitive? Yes.
the only thing ugly, or rather stupid and pathetic, is comparing a chocolate duck and it's label to different races around the world.
Perhaps they should have named the ducklings, (l to r) Ali, John and Winston :-//
The duckling on the right didn't wear an apron while painting - again!
confection censorship you couldn't make it up.
just a thought, what happened to the cadbury advert, of the woman eating a flake....was that considered innuendo or false advertising.
//customers complained about the dark brown one being labelled as 'ugly'//

But as the story goes, the ugly one turned out to be the best! Maybe the complainants should have tasted them before complaining.

High time people - including the powers that be at Waitrose - stopped kowtowing to politically correct stupidity. It serves only to encourage idiots and trouble-makers.
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//The Flake girl was finally retired after 40 years, in 2004. However, in 2005 she was found to have a 19% recall in the UK population, leading to a revival in 2007. The new advert featured Australian model Alyssa Sutherland eating a Flake in a convertible during a shower of rain.//

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Easter Chocolate Duckings Now Deemed Racist.

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