Easter Chocolate Duckings Now Deemed Racist.

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anotheoldgit | 11:47 Tue 09th Apr 2019 | News
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I might as well ask, why did Waitrose choose to include two dark chocolate one's and only one white one, oh dear, oh dear.


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ael googles Alyssa Sutherland ...
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Two things pee me off about this, one the morons who complained and two Waitrose for apologising !!
It was a bit daft naming it "ugly". But...
If only the people of this country had to worry about the colour of Easter eggs on sale.

It makes you wonder how these complainants get through the real rigours of life.

It is mind numbing....
I bet there was a product development meeting where someone suggested that perhaps they shouldn't name the brown one ugly because it might be seen as racist, which resulted in guffaws of laughter all around.
I doubt there was any meeting at all... it's all a bit brainless.
dannyK "Racist? No, insensitive? Yes. " - how?
When I saw the title I was miffed that I seemed to have missed a ducking in chocolate at Easter...... ;-)

It is indeed sad that three types of chocolate and a reference to a song has caused this.....and more than sad that Waitrose pandered to the silliness.....

Still I suppose if they had kept the names an offended non meat eater may have taken offence at Crispy Duck.......x
How about a caramel 'chocolate' egg, like Caramac?
That's be Sicky Duck for me, Roo..... :-(
Well, that has just done what was intended ! Got Waitrose a LOT of free advertising / publicity !! Good Old Daily Wail !
Eddie, the newspaper is called The Daily Mail - and a quick google will confirm to you that it is far from alone in reporting this.
I shall call the middle duck - Claggy.
I think the whole thing is very silly. I think they could have chosen a nicer name though.
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Easter Chocolate Duckings Now Deemed Racist.

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