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Clearly not the best plan ever.
Waits for his defenders to come up with, what about Boris's water cannons and his garden bridge?
nobody made Boris quit so why should they make Sadiq do so, aog?
This is called research - some experiments work; some don't. If you don't try you don't know.
load of TROB cobblers.

He should never have been put in that position in the first place, it's London not Londonistan.
Only white folk as Mayor of London?

Where did I say that TCL?
You say he should not be Mayor because it is not "Londonistan" why is that?
Let's put it this way: There is something inherently wrong when one of the largest capital cities in the Western, and mainly Christian, World has a muslum mayor.
Was it only Muslims who voted for him?
I don't know.
//Was it only Muslims who voted for him?//
I don't know either but I am sure Muslims in the UK have Great Expectations of their Muslim brothers in a position of authority. So much so they vote by fair means or foul.
I recall the Mayor of Tower Hamlets fiasco. That little cabal of corruption failed and a few Muslim voters never saw their dream of being prioritised for re-housing.

I suspect the vote for him came from a fair number of hand-wringing lefties as well as Muslims.
^yes, it's called democracy.
No, it's called the blatant abuse of Democracy as shown in Retro's link.

Speak of the Devil :o)
Also forgot to mention the blatant cover up of predominantly Pakistani Muslim grooming gangs in Rochdale by the predominantly Pakistani Muslim Labour Councellors. :-(
Whatever you do, Reto, don't mention Tommy you-know-who or else this thread will be de-railed right up the Khyber Pass.

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Time This Guy Was Made To Quit, Surely?

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