Any English Out There Offended By This?

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youngmafbog | 13:26 Wed 13th Mar 2019 | News
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I'm not.

// A Police Scotland spokesman confirmed officers received a report last month of 'xenophobic comments made online' in relation to Mr Mooney's Instagram post.

The spokesman added: 'A full investigation was conducted and it was established that no crime had been committed.

'However, the matter was recorded as a hate incident. No further police action was required.' //

Clearly the Police have plenty of time and money if they can do this


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Have an educated guess.
Oh dear. Looks like someone is about to take offence. Lol
Naomi and Nailit offend me all the time.

I may need counselling, support, money from public funds, and voluminous apologies, to supplement the inevitable medication I need to cope with their plotting and darts.

Not called the thought Police yet, but patience wearing thin.
//Any English Out There Offended By This?//

No...... I could offend the people of Disnae Land much more pointedly than that. Probably with less word too. (The Americans wouldn't understand it though) (^_*)
Talbot - // Have an educated guess. //

Ok … is it you?
Daily Mail trying to blow up something innocuous into something outrageous. Par for the course.
He was quoting from a film. Ridiculous to call it a hate crime.

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Any English Out There Offended By This?

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