Leavers, You've Lost Your Best Option.

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Marshwarble | 13:38 Wed 13th Mar 2019 | News
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I believe you've missed the chance to get Brexit by rejecting May's deal. The EU did try to help (okay it was the last minute) but the MPs didn't seem to want to negotiate. No Deal will be removed as an option in the next week or so.


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Right now the Leavers' best hope, according to some of them at least, is that the EU rejects any extension as "pointless"...
Many people are predicting the exact opposite i.e. an inevitable no deal. This infographic explains it well:
if the EU is content with no deal, that ought to give the British pause. It's just possible all those predictions that "they need Britain more than Britain needs them" could turn out wrong - at any rate, the prospect isn't bothering them too much.
jno //if the EU is content with no deal//
Because they are putting things in place in case of a no deal situation does not mean that they are content with no deal.
"if the EU is content with no deal,"

Exactly the problem with remainer thinking, as is this OP.

It is up to the UK to be content as most leavers are. Mays deal was worse than the one we had before voting. A total lemon that locked us in, one that only the most ardent remoaner would approve of.
At the end of the day, the EU doesn’t want a ‘No Deal’ Brexit, so they will agree to extend the Article 50 deadline. Parliament will have rejected No deal, so May has to come up with a completely different plan, which a majority of MPs can get behind.
In the end, May (or whoever is in charge next week) will have to agree to join the Customs Union (and possibly the Single Market) in order to get parliament to agree to a deal. In other words, a soft Brexit - out of the EU but party to its treaties. The alternative is chaos.
No one will be happy, but we will be out.
"The alternative is chaos. "

I realise there is a huge bias in Parliament in favour of Remain, but in tonights vote the concept of a ‘No Deal’ Brexit will be firmly rejected. Even amongst those MPs in favour of Brexit, the majority know that a No Deal is a terrible outcome.
Tied to the Customs Union leaves us in the excrement, it's time our MPs grew a backbone.
Still Codswallop Gromit.
This vote will NOT take No deal “off the table”. It or various amendments are merely expressions of parliaments wishes which may ultimately lead to revoking Article 50 at dome stage. Or not.
As for the EU it should be crystal clear by now that although they want a deal this is as far as they are prepared to go. There’ll be no 11th hour backdown as so many Brexiters claimed.
It’s up to us.
My view that the PM should lay it on the line to everyone: back my deal or Brexit is off. That way it just might concentrate the minds of the hardliners. They can always try to take over or push their various agendas later.
Wouldn't that simply trigger a leadership election?
// May's deal was worse than the one we had before voting... only the most ardent [Remainer] would approve of [it]. //

Again, I'm confused with this obsession that Leave supporters on AB seem to have that Remain voters "approve of" the Withdrawal Agreement. I'm not sure I can name a single Remain supporter that really "approves of" it in any way, shape or form. At best, some -- such as Kenneth Clarke -- see it as the least worst option sort of remaining, but approve of it? Absolutely not.

Essentially, the vote tonight saw three blocks of MPs voting against: the official opposition who would vote against anything the government propose because essentially that's their job; Leavers who are still hoping for something better; and Remainers who hate this deal or any other version of Leaving that's out there currently.

The vote for consisted of MPs on the government's payroll who therefore had to vote for the WA to keep their jobs; some Leave supporters who fear that this was the only way to actually Leave at all, whether or not it's a good deal; and a smattering of Remainers who figure that if we are going to implement the 2016 result then at least let it be in a way that doesn't wreck the economy. None of those groups, except for possibly a couple of individuals who clearly haven't read it, liked the deal on offer on its own merits.
Zacs; One of the '7 options' on your BBC link is "No Brexit" this is legally not an option.
Write to the BBC, then.
Anyway, it can. We can unilaterally decide to remain i.e. revoke Brexit. Not that that's likely.
No Brexit is an option of course.
As far as the desk goes I don’t approve of it in the sense that it means we leave the EU but I’d have voted for it second time round were I an MP because it seemed the least bad option.
Trouble is there’s no trust on either side: leave supporters fear that without a no deal option remain supporters will be able to stop Brexit and remain supporters are angry that leave folk want to block any deal in the interests of so called “pure Brexit”
If the Prime Minister took the course I suggested earlier at least we’d all know where we’re headed: take the referendum options to parliament effectively: and let them decide.

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Leavers, You've Lost Your Best Option.

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