How On Earth Did They Even Think They Could Be Considered For This Position?

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youngmafbog | 14:31 Tue 15th Jan 2019 | News
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dam savage should never see the light of day again.
The charge was GBH for which the maximum sentence is 6 years. You may be getting confused with 'GBH with Intent" which is a MUCH more serious charge , only 1 step down from 'attempted murder' and carries a maximum sentence of 'Life'.
did the crime, did the time
Unless I'm missing something she just lured him to the flat. Other people put him in the boot of the car and burnt him.
that's alright then!
I'm not saying it's alright, TTT. I'm saying she's been punished for the crime of luring him to the flat. She didn't personally murder him.
Mr Singh-Bola has done the right thing, this will of course follow his wife around regardless of whether she has served her term.
I think the same as Naomi. She might not have even known what the outcome would be.
like a Judas Goat then? right oh!
I would of thought aiding/abetting a murder would have attracted a longer sentence. Times change I guess. :-) I wonder who first coined the phrase,"getting away with murder"
TTT, she couldn't be charged with murder. She didn't commit murder.
What does 'right oh' mean?

retrocop, I agree. I would have thought a charge like that applied.
United Kingdom[edit]

The Accessories and Abettors Act 1861 provides that an accessory to an indictable offence shall be treated in the same way as if he had actually committed the offence himself. Section 8 of the Act, as amended, reads:

//Whosoever shall aid, abet, counsel, or procure the commission of any indictable offence, whether the same be an offence at common law or by virtue of any Act passed or to be passed, shall be liable to be tried, indicted, and punished as a principal offender//

Same penalty as the offender to aid/abet
She was done for causing GBH. I expect the plan was to get him to the flat so the others could beat him up, which is what happened.

They must have then done the murder on their own 'initiative', without her knowledge.

That's the only way I can see her sentence making sense.
Question Author
I am well aware she was done for GBH Eddie. I dont care what the charge my point is that aiding and abetting a murder she got just 6 years.

About right for British justice today I guess, especially if yo u are a pretty woman.

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How On Earth Did They Even Think They Could Be Considered For This Position?

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