Is It Discriminatory To Refuse To Date A Trans Woman?

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spathiphyllum | 13:53 Tue 15th Jan 2019 | News
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In my opinion, no not at all.

This article highlights some good discussion points


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'The argument started on UK reality television show Celebrity Big Brother'

I'd read enough at that point. Just another of those headlines designed to incite nonsensical debate.
Discriminatory? I have heard it all now.

How long before it becomes mandatory I wonder?
Article one year old, so hardly news. But -- well, no, I don't think so. There are sound practical reasons why some people might not want to.

If you're not attracted to them - for whatever reason - you don't date them. Not transphobic IMO.
Claptrap, if you are not attracted to someone of the opposite sex then you do not date them.
Agree with Z-M. Not wanting to date somebody isn't the same as not wanting to serve them in a shop, or not wanting to give them medical assistance, for example.

I wouldn't date a trans-'woman' because I'm not gay.
would it be racist to only date someone that matches yourself?
I'm not even opening the link! It's a stupid question.
Of course it's discriminatory. It's valid discrimination. The word tends to be 'misused' these days, since to clarify meaning it needs to be clear whether the discrimination refers to, is fair or not. One no more opts to date someone who doesn't appeal to you (and that includes men posing as women) any more than one goes to hospital for necessary surgery and accepts the local window cleaner performing the op, because to object would be discriminatory.
Well, if one wants to be pedantic, then, sure, it *is* discrimination, but in a field where discrimination of all sorts of kinds is usually acceptable.

Doesn't make much difference.
I hope not. I'd hate to be arrested for hate crime because a trans woman asked me on a date and I said no.
We do have some crazy made up words these days, "transphobic" ,absolutely ridiculous.

I am male and am horrified by the thought of dating a person born with an identical set of whatever , and been surgically altered to have a female appearance.
Doesn't matter if you're trans, straight or bumbee tartan - you can say no to anyone who asks for a date.
Question Author
Umm if you opened the link you'd see that there is two opinions on this, regardless of the majority of thinkers on here.

I assume not many contributes to this thread are trans, so thats one thing to consider when reading this thread.
Question Author
OG very true.
Discriminatory? Possibly, but I wouldn't date a woman masquerading as a man.
I have no idea what OG was on about.
Question Author
OG is saying definition wise, of course it's discriminatory but it's not oppressed discrimination, it's personal preference and it's the OK kind of discrimination. He's also saying the word discrimination is over used.

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Is It Discriminatory To Refuse To Date A Trans Woman?

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