Gatwick Drone Ufo's?

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Atheist | 17:46 Fri 21st Dec 2018 | News
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I'm surprised that there's no ufo theories about this event. Anybody heard anything?


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I haven't - from the image I have seen that was captured certainly looks like a drone and nothing else.
Did it have a team of reindeer towing it?
or the militant femanists saying planes are shaped like the male phallus, and women are in prisoned in it, or antifa saying it's symbol of
the bourgeois capitalists and planes are mostly white...
I thought I read somewhere that if was done by 'eco-warriors' as a protest.
I blame Putin
In case you haven't seen it, I've read the police are interviewing "Persons of Interest" in relation to the Gatwick Drone Incident.
Closed again. Another (unconfirmed) drone sighting.
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Gatwick Drone Ufo's?

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