Characteristic Brexiteer Ignorance

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Canary42 | 19:01 Thu 08th Nov 2018 | News
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More goods come in than leave, the EU wont want anything to hinder that, dont forget the £80bn trade deficit they have with us..

Ant problems traffic jams and delays will be doubled in france.
Matters little. Dover's important but does it matter he didn't have the detail whether it handled 10% or 30% of exports ? The important aim is to leave. Consequences, whether natural or EU created, need to be dealt with regardless. Never get anywhere fearing potential issues on route.
Lol....Ant problems......Any problems :-)
Characteristic remoan ignorance.? Other ports are ready, and willing, to bypass Calais. Plus they will not funnel illegal immigrants into the UK.
Agreed that a politician of Mr Raab's seniority should have a better grasp of the facts.

However, the prominence (or otherwise) of Dover in the country's logistics should not have been a factor to consider when deciding which way to vote in the referendum. The principle issue is restoration of sovereignty, not whether we can cope with the consequences of a Leave vote. The government should be concentrating on how we will cope, not highlighting ways that we cannot. The decision to leave has been taken by the electorate and endorsed by Parliament (by five to one). If Dover-Calais transport is likely to be jeopardised the government should be making alternate arrangements.
All done and dusted Judge, the wide awake saw that fear tactic coming ages ago. I would implement it whether the Frogs have a hissy fit or not anyway. Teach em another lesson.

Love this bit.
"" They could then go to Dutch or Belgian ports instead of Calais, with officials choosing which trucks sailed on them.""
Rather liked this as well.

"One source on the Inter Ministerial Group for Borders Planning said: “We could make a profit and screw over the French. Tell me what the downside is?”
//FERRY CUNNING UK’s secret £75m plan to hire ten cross-Channel ships to beat French ‘No Deal’ blockade.//

Whooop, Whooop, Whoooop.
How sick does this make remainers feel? Knowing that alternatives are available and a plan awaits?

Pretty sick I imagine :-)
Not this one.
more desperation from the VB!

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Characteristic Brexiteer Ignorance

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