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Football’S Coming Home

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Gromit | 12:09 Sun 08th Jul 2018 | News
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I enjoyed this report on Australia’s ABC about the best football song ever.

Follow some of the links for surprising renditions of the song.


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Maybe I'm a being a bit of a sourpuss but this song makes my toes curl!
Love that , what fun and optimism - clever too.

correct kromo, you are being a sourpuss!
Here's a version I've posted on Patsy's thread:
I enjoyed it.
if it is indeed coming home, let's hope it hasn't lost its front door key.
Love the wizard of oz version
Ta Gromit :-)
correct kromo, you are being a sourpuss! //

I blame the heat ;)
And the total surprise too perhaps Krom?
Question Author
Thanks Goodgoalie, I enjoyed that too.
I don't really understand Twitter (haven't really tried) but they could have been dancing to anything.

Yeah, good afternoon, ummmm.

That is so funny Talbot...
You need the sound on Ummmm, nice one T.
I don't want it to come home - I want it to stay out there and win the Final. All these pessimists singing about it coming home are dumb.

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Football’S Coming Home

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