National Action - Right Wing Terrorist Threat

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Gromit | 07:43 Thu 14th Jun 2018 | News
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There has been reluctance in some quarters to accept the danger of this Neo-Nazi organisation. Hopefully the testimony in Court this week will dispel that.

// The alleged leader of a neo-Nazi terrorist group urged one of his subordinates to assassinate the former home secretary Amber Rudd, a court has heard.

Renshaw detailed how he was going to murder [Labour MP] Ms Cooper with a machete before taking hostages in a pub.

Another defendant, Matthew Hankinson, said Renshaw should target a synagogue – even if there were children inside – because “all Jews are the same, they’re all vermin”. //

Dangerous men (targetting women) hopefully a long prison will result.


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"here has been reluctance in some quarters to accept the danger of this Neo-Nazi organisation. "

By whom? Mostly I see requests for extreme right and left groups to be dealt with.
More madmen.
Attempting (or even doing) murder on an MP surely a treasonable act - as Mr Fawkes and his cohorts found out.

Anyone doing this should be hung drawn and quartered.
/Anyone doing this should be hung drawn and quartered./ Exactly what happened to his namesake, Guy Fawkes, another anti-parliamentary terrorist.
Their intent to murder politicians should be condemned by everyone. If they are a serious threat to national security, perhaps it is only a matter of time before Jeremy Corbyn invites them to the House of Commons for a cup of tea and a nice chat, like he did to the other terrorists two weeks after their group attempted to murder Maggie Thatcher at Brighton.
I'm not 'buying' this story, yet.
We've only heard part of the prosecution case and it's got more holes than a Swiss cheese.

Until they have been convicted, we cannot assume guilt.

thought this was another thread about the Labour party!
Ah, so this guy doesn't even belong to National Action then!?
I still don’t understand why the Far Right have such a problem with Jews.

It’s always been a mystery to me.
Mystery to me too.
/// I still don’t understand why the Far Right have such a problem with Jews. ///

Are you sure you are not getting your right and left mixed up?

No reporting restrictions on this case I see.
As a Jew I think I'm slightly more scared of this lot than Jeremy Corbyn tbh.
it's not just the far right SP, and not just recently. the following appeared in an editorial of a labour movement publication in 1891:-
"Wherever there is trouble in Europe, wherever rumours of war circulate and men's minds are distraught with fear of change and calamity, you may be sure that a hooked-nosed Rothschild is at his games somewhere near the region of the disturbances." in 1900, the TUC proclaimed (by resolution) that the Boer War was being fought to secure goldfields for cosmopolitan jews.

anti-Semitism has existed for centuries - for so long that society has probably forgotten what the trigger was.
^^Bingo Ringo! Guilty before the trial is over as well. Are we jeopardising the trial by talking about it on soshall meedya? Or do the smart lawyers only work for "certain" sections of society in their attempts to spring the wronged accused?
Weelllllllll......correct me if I'm wrong, but pleading guilty would seem to be the fore-runner to being found guilty, wouldn't it?
It would seem that Islam also comes into the equation, although these don't just threaten.

/// A large number of violent antisemitic attacks in Europe were done by Muslims- the murder of 4 Jews in Toulouse in 2012 by Mohammed Merah,[48] the 1982 attack on the Jewish Goldenberg restaurant in Paris that was carried out by Arab terrorists, the kidnapping and murder of the French citizen Ilan Halimi in 2006 by a Muslim gang and the antisemitic riots in Norway in 2009 are a few examples to this phenomenon.[47] ///
My thoughts exactly Jack.

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National Action - Right Wing Terrorist Threat

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