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The first few times it sounded like YAMMY (not Yanny)and it was clear as a bell.When I listened to the video explaining the reason, I could hear only YAMMY again. After I listened to the Laurel bit a few times I could hear that fine but when I listened to the original video again I could hear only Laurel. Odd...
It's Yanny every time for me. I suppose it's the audio equivalent of the optical illusion of the hag and the young lady. Once you see/hear it one way it's very hard to see/hear it the other way.
It is definitely Yanny for me.
I suppose I heard the Yammy first of all because I COULD hear the higher frequency.

As I can also hear the lower frequency Laurel, is that easier for my brain to latch onto now?
> I know it's supposed to be Yanny but I hear Yarry.

Me too, tonyav.
I can hear either if I concentrate on trying to hear one. If I don't, it just sounds like noise.
I've tried different ears, covering ears, standing further away...but I can only hear Yanny. Not a hint of Laurel. I'm wondering whether this is some sort of joke.
Thanks Murraymints but I've watched several exlanatory videos and when they play a version that they say is definitely 'Laurel' I can only hear Yanny.
laurel for me !
Listened to the video in MM's post and I can hear only YAMMY. The same for the video in the OP.
It's one or t'other! :o}
I think you "yammys" must have been doggies in another life and only hear high frequencies ! lol...
I heard "now". Yep. Anyway, It would be interesting if people weren't told what to listen for. Just to listen. Sometimes it's in the question, not the answer.
I hear nothing.
Largely because I can’t be bothered.
But I wanted to check that this was something totally trivial :-)

41 to 56 of 56rss feed

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Yanny Or Laurel?

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