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I can hear "Yanny" and you're all wrong if you disagree.
Laurel .... you're sooooo wrong Jim.
I knew it. Just knew it.

I wonder if it's blue or gold...
Question Author
It's strange. The first time I listened I heard yanny, and could not understand how on earth anyone could hear laurel.
Then I listened again after a while and the situation was reversed.
I can not, not hear Laurel.

Does anyone know what's actually being said?

To me, it's so clear there are two L's being stated.
This video is supposed to explain it but I still can only hear Yanny!
That is so interesting Elliemay
Video in my link explains too - both are said but different pitches.
Laurel for me too.
Sounds to me like a Chinese man saying Larry.
Actually, if I were to be really honest, it sounds like “yeah-me’

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Yanny Or Laurel?

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