So What Is Agent C O B And The Maths Queen Going To Do With The Illegal Immigrants?

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ToraToraTora | 14:30 Wed 16th May 2018 | News
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Yest another Labour sweeping policy with no explanation of a replacement.


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Who knows, this woman is beyond stupid.

The only problem with the so-called hostile environment policy is that clearly it is not hostile enough in the right direction.

COB of course wants more immigrants because he thinks they will vote for him.
foreign rough sleepers or vagrants, are going to be compensated for being deported, you could not make it up, so basically you can do whatever you want in the uk, except rob sentence for that one...
Well of course there will be 100% success for deporting illegal immigrants under Labour because there will be no illegal immigrants under Labour. They will all be free to come when and how they like into open arms.
Labour’s record on immigration under Blair/Brown was far better than Cameron/May. The Tories have let in more in Seven years than Labour did in 13 years.
That could be something to do with new EU regulations perhaps Gromit?
It's just Labour desperate to stay in opposition. Instead of closing centres they should promise resources to process the immigrants rapidly.
She is right to want to close the detention centres. According to her calculations there are only two illegal immigrants in the country. Hardly justifies the expense.
i cannot fathom her mindset on this, does she want the already over stretched public services to collapse, riots anarchy to rue the day
is it well im doing ok and nice pension to boot, so might as well let the world and his wife in, or is she completely insane, i really mean that?
She wants to scrap targets (the target for removal of illegal immigrants should be 100%) she doesn't want it to be a hostile environment (the environment for illegal immigrants isn't hostile enough) and she wants to make it a requiremetn that we must prove they are illegal rather than them proving they are legal.

So in a nutshell - wave the white flag as far as illegal immigration is concerned.

This woman has once again proven that she been promoted way way beyond her meagre abilities - if ever there was an example of 'affirmative action' Diane Abbott is it. Her stupidy is of a weapons grade level.
labour voters must be leaving in droves because of her stance
I really hope so. Socialism is one thing - Corbynism is a different animal!
"...she wants to make it a requiremetn that we must prove they are illegal rather than them proving they are legal. "

Or, in other words, "innocent until proven guilty"?

The target for illegal immigrants should be 100%, but on the other hand the problem has been that legal ones have been caught up in chasing that. More to the point, hasn't the target been chased less as a percentage but as an absolute number? Deporting such-and-such number of illegal immigrants is a poor approach if you miss some illegal immigrants and catch some legal ones.

An aim to progress as fast as possible is a worthy one. But the accuracy level must not be compromised. In any attempt to sort there will be errors, that must be understood, but they should be genuine ones after due diligence has been observed.

Not so much innocent or guilty, but entitled or not.

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So What Is Agent C O B And The Maths Queen Going To Do With The Illegal Immigrants?

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